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Bringing reality to the farm.

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Comic Book Star While not entirely convinced this is a wise career move, I will, with some misgivings, relent on my publicist's, agent's and spiritual advisor's request to star in my first comic book. In this tight economy even pigs must roll with the punches. The actual title is as yet undecided.  Work is scheduled to begin in the next few days with sittings and run-throughs.  Depending on the number of poses required for its' approximately 50 pages, my sessions should last about 1 week with production continuing for another serveral months.  A publishing date is planned for mid summer. The script is quite good and the artwork competent,
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The conspiracy likely goes far deeper than just the chickens. The subtle signs are glimpsed only by those few who eschew sloth.    Sadly most of my porcine peers grow fat and lazy always chasing short term gain while spurning long term improvement.  The barnyard is enveloped in a dire aura.  There is something ahoof. Central to my suspicions is the farmer - detached, superior, industrious.  He has always been a mysterious enabler.  Even with acres and acres of land available for foraging, we have been supplied with food, water, shelter and healthcare - in exchange for our freedom.   Dependency is all but complete.  Only I remain as a stando
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McRib is Back! Words that chill the soul of every honest pig in the country.  McDonald's restaurants step up their perpetual persecution of poor Porcine Americans.  A vast procession of noble swine march to the slaughterhouses in order to fill the empty bellies of obese Americans from Maine to California.  Even chickens & cows stand idly by while the holocaust of pork goes on before their very eyes.  The price of America's fast food vice is paid in porcine blood. When will the vegans of this country rise up and right this tragic wrong?  Are they without backbone?  Are they worthless and weak?  While those sad, lettuce-munchers leisurely pic
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Hehe thanks for the fave on my River Hog :D How appropriate :D
That is one fancy lookin pig. Just wanted to put that out there.
thanks fo the fav on sargent swine thumbsup:
Thank you for the fav^^
(But... this is the "Animal Farm"? :P)