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Windy Night

The fourth sky practice XD
You can check the combine version here>>…

 Burning Clouds by CaringWong Running in the Storm by CaringWong Waiting for a new day by CaringWong

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This is so damn beautiful~
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I saw this on youtube in some music thing so I had to look for who the artist was.
I think im going to Added to my devWatch! you now
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you mean MrSucidesheep?
CrazyInfin8's avatar
It usually MrSuicidesheep
It's either they or Ramses B that I see these kinds of images
…really goes with the song too
surajmandalcell's avatar
yea, i mound most of my awesome wallpapers from there :3
haha, I knew this was yours as soon as I saw the thumbnail. you have a great style and I love all your "colourscapes"
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haha, Thank you ^^
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AWWWW! This is the background picture in Sheepy's video!!
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amazing......simply amazing.
CaringWong's avatar
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how the fk.... amazing
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wow the colors it's so amazing and awe inspiring  
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Awesome! I'm loving the way you do your clouds
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What are the dimensions, can you print it ?
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I submitted as a print recently ^_^
You could check it in my print shop page.
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Ah, I really, really love the way this pairs with Running in the Storm!
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Absolutely amazing. You use such bright and vivid colours, yet everything looks calming. I am in love with your artwork^^
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Man seriously I really like your art style!
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Wow, this work is surprisingly wonderful *^*
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