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Float Up


I sinked into my daydream world,
then I felt like floating up when I finally found my road.
This is my artistic journey.

PS:Still the ghost fishes series...XD

Edited 2014.10.31
I added some white at the end of the road...
(I'm not sure if it works...)


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Nice work! Congratulations:)

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Love this perspective!
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I feel like i'm actually swimming up to the surface....its so weird.. (maybe it's just coz i'm tired)

This is a an awesome perspective artwork. Plays on your senses, like it did with mine. Good job!
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This one is way good! Love it! :D
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Thank you ^^
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That's pretty awesome.
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your work is so stunning! I just wanted to ask for your permission to use this for one of my 3D art project's for it's textures. I will make sure to credit you and link it to your page if that is alright with you? Thank you! :)
CaringWong's avatar
Ok, no problem;)
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This is so beautiful in every way!! Amazing 
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You're welcome ^^ 
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I love the perspective/view in this one! you're colours are also perf :D
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Omg awesome!
This angle is so rare~ :D
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From a bottom to the top , let's float up until we reached our Goal
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I created a quote
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I really think that your entry should be the winner. This drawing is just beautiful! No more fighting or searching. Just freedom. This is a start of a real journey. It is just beginning. I might be wrong, but this is what I feel, looking at this : )
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Wow, thank you for saying that.
C'est la vie, non? ^_^
And I really want to thank for this contest, I recieved so much encouragements like yours, more than usual. :D
That  just make me won't give up my artistic journey.
Eugene-Siryk's avatar
No problem! : )
I have discovered your profile on DA quite a long time ago. Your works give me a lot of inspiration. And when I first saw "Float up" in the contest page, I thought at first: "Wow! This is Caring201 like! Very similar style!". And then: "Wow! This IS Caring201! This is a winner!" : )
Okay, I will not bother you with talk. I just will look forward for new masterpieces from you : )
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Thank you so much again XD
I just waiting for the new inspiration come~
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Dont forget , everyone who had participated will deserve a effort though it fail to make it top =)
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