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Back Home II

By CaringWong
The bookshelf has a reference from an architecture magazine~( ̄ ▽  ̄)~

Back Home I>>Back Home by CaringWong
Back Home III >>>My Little Universe by CaringWong

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© 2013 - 2021 CaringWong
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me-and-mojo's avatar

This picture makes me feel soooooooo happy/peaceful!

VeniseWinter's avatar
This makes me sad... I'll never get to live in such a beautiful place, above the clouds. <3
YurisYu's avatar
Hello mtv, welcome to my crib
Tim-The-Toaster's avatar
If I'm ever rich enough to have my own house built this will be the picture I show to the architects 
HowlSC's avatar
It's so beautiful <33 Draw ?
RedAlchemist's avatar
I love this so much! Now if only there were a dog version! (nothing against kitties, just allergic ^^)
raine25000's avatar
I instantly fell in love with this art the moment i saw it and i had to check out your entire gallery! :happybounce: 

Your work is eye candy Love 

Is it okay if i use it as my Facebook cover photo? 
CaringWong's avatar
No problem and with pleasure ^_^
WaxBottle's avatar
if I could favorite this multiple times I would
This is my new happy place!! Wowww I am in LOVE
noizycat's avatar
Wonderful .. like from a dream. :happybounce: 
OsmosisSTE's avatar
you are my idol 
Maikekai's avatar
This is beautiful! 
Ghulon's avatar
WOOW!! Your work is incredible :)
Tianera's avatar
A dream of a living room - i need that :D
GasparNerd's avatar
I pass all day and all over night studying how i can use a good color pallet and all these stuffs (can't say that i actually can do a good work, but whatever). 
Use a really exotic and varied pallet like that is a really hard work and, most hardly, someone can make something that doesn't hurt in the eyes. 
So... HOW? How can you do this? It's wonderful. I'm really impressed... 
Well... you made my day. 
CaringWong's avatar
Wow, Thank you!!!
I enjoy trying the colors of wood and the high saturation colors.^_^
GasparNerd's avatar
I usually run away from the hs, but when i see some of urs work i said "It's alive‼"
CaringWong's avatar
You should try it too XD
GasparNerd's avatar
My ideal home! lol
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