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lillybugjenkins's avatar
Lol can I live there
DrawWithNessie's avatar
I love how the "house" and nature mash together. There isn't a roof or walls for the matter so the "house" isn't good shelter from the rain and cold and wild animals but the way you paint it makes me suspend my disbelief. It's such a magical piece.
mrdippy's avatar
incredible work! i love this!
Whoa!... You're instantly one of my new favorite artists.
CaringWong's avatar
abinash04's avatar
Love this scene too! It's so cool how you incorporate architecture with nature and its surroundings!
TanyaDarkLullaby's avatar
i would live here! awesome work
z06100's avatar
Would love to live there, so peaceful. Great job!
mekkemon's avatar
Holy! Amazing!
This is so beautiful :) 
kimchisalad's avatar
This is amazing!
Out of curiosity, are you doing this with a combination of sketchup and photoshop?
also... pleasseeeeee do a tutorial video! :)
CaringWong's avatar

Hahah! the tutorial, I will think about it XD

I just used photoshop and paint tool SAI~

kimchisalad's avatar
YESSS!! Please do :)
the detail is incredible in your drawings I just hope I could make work like that some day
RedDeath23's avatar
I love it how you have cats in every picture! :D
666Darks's avatar
That would be a nice place to live for me. :D
nanatolove's avatar
i would love to live like this
This is one of the most genius art I've ever seen
duesterheit's avatar
Arvoy's avatar
c nul lol :ccccc
MondoArt's avatar
looove this so much!!!
sverigeundschweden's avatar
i want to live there!
RobinSandza's avatar
Pure cat paradise! All your home designs are amazing! :iconlovecatsplz:
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