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~TheCuckooStory asked me to create the image to her store. She makes hand made plushes, go check her gallery [link]

You are not allowed to use or reproduce any of these avatars without ~TheCuckooStory permission.

made in adobe illustrator

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They look so cute and adorable :D
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Yummy. this is the very first keyword came into my mind... pretty warm hue i like it. Believe or not. I am learning from you from time to time. Because the company i currently work for is a friend-making website which based on the consideration of female. So most of the time I have to draw or illustrate in a woman's way*(but I m not a fag, i love woman too). So the way you work with your drawings does give me something new, kawaii..

I wonder if you should have worked in Japan, Korea or China. You should visit one of the three countries, coz the youngsters there are crazy for the Kawaii stuff. i am sure you've known the Kawaii trend in these three. Japan is the creator of Kawaii drawing. lol
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it must be funny for you guys to let go your inner-girl :P just kidding.
I'm proud to know you are finding useful things in my works :blushes:

I would love to go to those places, specially Japan. So much different and interesting culture and people, form what I'm used to. But I live almost at the other side of the globe, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean :( so it makes it hard for me to go there. But I want to go anyway.. let me have some extra money, and you'll hear from me :D
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estão giríssimos, grande trabalho! :)
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