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Legacy Of The Gods Book II: Heart Of Igboju

Chapter 22

At first, Erin could only blink her eyes in disbelief, wondering if what she was seeing was real. Yes, she was overwhelmed with relief, but was this actually happening? Was Billie and her other friends finally awake? She didn’t know if she should say “hello” back or just wait for her impending death. So she just stood there in complete shock….until Billie stepped forward and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Erin? You okay? It’s me, Billie,” She gave her friend a concerned look, tilting her head.

At the touch, the French-descent girl finally knew that it was indeed happening. Her long-time friend did not perish as she feared, she was alive….alive and ready to defend their home and families from the impossible evil that Erin never imagined existed. By all science facts and logic, none of what she just saw should be real, these creatures and gods, yet here they were, and now her friend was once more by her side. Tears gathered in her dark brown eyes before she knew what was happening, and with a relieved and grateful sob, she rushed into Billie’s arms, holding on to her tight.

She finally found her voice after a moment. “Oh my God, I thought you were...I mean, I thought you ALL were..I just couldn’t wake you and those things kept coming...and....and...” She couldn’t finish as she sobbed again and wiped her eyes, leaning away from her.

“It’s okay Erin, we’re fine,” Billie assured her as she gently touched the girl’s cheek. “We just had to go and get some help. There was no way we could fight Shigidi alone. Thankfully, we found her. “

Billie turned to look to the side, and in quick flashes, the holographic forms of the powerful Orisha appeared surrounding everyone, each giving a small, relieved smile and nodding at Erin. Madame Brigitte was the last to flash into existence, her eyes as black and depthless as before. She gave the peach-toned girl a curious stare before turning to look out the gaping hole.

The girl blinked before turning back to Billie, her eyes wide. “More of them? My gosh, how many are there of you guys?” she blurted out in exasperation.

The dark-skinned girl gave a sheepish grin, not sure how to answer that...but before she could say anything, Dante rushed forward. “Gran!” He dropped to his knees beside the elderly woman and began to gently shake her shoulders. “Gran, can you hear me? Open your eyes, Gran!”

Keisha was instantly at his side, putting a hand to the side of her neck. She then nodded and turned to give him a satisfied look. “She’ll be fine, she just fainted from exhaustion. She has a very strong heart and soul.”

“It’s easy to see where you got that from,” Billie smiled as she helped him up. Dante turned to her, and for just a few seconds, no words were needed as the two stared into each other’s eyes. It was as if it was just to two of them for the space of seconds, but seemed like eternity to them.

But mercifully, before it got embarrassing for them, the old woman’s body jerked and she gave a small moan before her eyelids fluttered open. Dante was once more on his knees besides his grandmother. “Gran! Are you okay? You had me so worried!”

He gently held her arm as she struggled to get on her feet. The voodoo priestess took in a deep, shuddering breath before turning to her grandson. She touched his dark cheek and gave a reassuring nod. “Yes, I’ll be fine my child. It’s just...sometimes I forget I’m not exactly the “Amazing Miss Hattie!” from all those years ago. Battling dark spirits like this is so much harder now.” She sighed as she straightened up, looking around.

When she saw that the gods were there, she gave a nod of respect. Then her eyes turned on Madame Brigitte and her eyes widened slightly. She stepped back, ready to fight again. In all her years here, she had always believed and understood the story of the Graveyard Guardian. She stood by her husband Samedi as he began his mad rampage against the mortals and the royal bloodlines. Then, she simply disappeared. Was she waiting for her time to finish what her husband started?

But Dante laid a patient hand on her arm, holding her back. “No, Gran, it’s okay. She’s with us now. Shigidi was using her, manipulating her. We freed her from him. That’s the big reason we went to the Dream Sphere. We had to find her.” The dark-skinned boy gave the powerful goddess a hopeful look, as though begging her to back him up. The ghost goddess was quiet a moment, as though doing her best to gather her words.

What could she possibly say to them? How could the possibly forgive her? She was so sure they were the ones who wanted to destroy her and the others gods, like they did Samedi. But she was wrong, so very wrong. There was no way they could be evil, not after witnessing how much they cared and loved one another….even willing to give up their lives.

Lifting her head, the goddess seemed to fairly float towards the others, stopping before the old woman. “The young one is right. I come to offer whatever help I can. I know now that I was used, lied to. I can only hope you can find it within you to forgive me.” She paused a moment, giving an impressed look to the waiting woman. “I’ve been around a very long time, I’ve seen you mortals evolve and do many great things, as well as the most tragic things. But I have to say I’ve always admired your resolve, your determination in surviving and prevailing against impossible odds, despite your… lifespans. You mortals rarely give up, even when we gods were sure you would and should.”

She gave a small, almost unnoticeable smile to her. “For so many years, you mortals were often so concerned about what you could learn from us. Perhaps it should have been the other way around. Maybe there are a few things we gods could learn from you.”

Billie and her friends others looked each other, letting the words sink in and even allowing a bit of pride grow in their hearts. Yes, it was true. There were times in human history when all seemed lost, that nothing they did or said would ever matter, especially during the dark times for their ancestors through the Slave Trade. But they persevered, they held on to the tiny sliver of hope even at the risk of death. It was because of that hope from their ancestors that Billie, Dante, and the others were even alive today…..that strong will to survive and perseverance when it seemed that all hope and light abandoned them.

Just then, the emotional moment was cut by a loud scream in the air outside. Brigitte was the first to turn and race to look out through the ruined wall and window. When she was done, she looked back at the others with a worried expression. “He’s here,” she whispered, balling her hands into fists.

Aja nodded and stepped closer to Billie. “There is not much time. We must stop Shigidi before all is lost.” She looked towards the others as they gathered around Billie. “You all know by now, this battle today will decide what will happen to the rest of the world. Are you with me in protecting it?” The Nature Goddess held out a see-through, holographic hand towards Billie.

The New Orleans girl didn’t hesitate for a moment as she held out her own hand above the goddess’s. “I sure as hell am,” she said with determination. Another hand was suddenly on top of hers, and she looked up to see Dante standing proudly besides her. Next was Keisha, bravely placing her pale hand on top of his. Where before there was timidness and shyness in her eyes was now resolve and purpose.

Next was Antonio, followed by an eager Edwin, Kwame, Maybelle, and finally Hazelynn. The beautiful girl no longer had any doubts about her abilities and determination in her role. She was more than just the “it” girl at school, she was more than just being known for her beauty and famous parents. The others believed in her, and she believed in herself too.

Another scream erupted, and without a word, they group turned to dash outside. But before heading out the door, Billie skidded to a stop and turned to Erin, right behind her. “Erin, you stay here! It might get too dangerous,” she said, taking her arm and holding her back.

The Cajun girl blinked her eyes at her. “But...”

“Please, just do this for me. Watch over Dante’s grandmother. There’s no way she can fight what’s coming up now. I need you to do this for me,” She gave pleading eyes to her friend. The slightly taller girl opened her mouth to argue, but at the look in Billie’s eyes, sighed and shook her head.

“Fine, I’ll stay. But you have to give me all the details when you get back, okay? She winked at her, then her face turned serious. “Please get back,” she said softly.

The two looked at each other affectionately for a moment before rushing into each other’s arms, truly glad for the others’ strength. When they leaned away, Billie nodded with assurance, then hurried away to catch up with the others.

The wavy brown-haired girl stared after her until Hattie shuffled up behind her. She placed a hopeful hand on her shoulder and gave a little smile, telling her without words how much she trusted and had faith in Billie and all the others.


As soon as they reached outside and began running down the sidewalk, the group was met with a crowd of panicked people, running wildly past them. When the crowd thinned out slightly, they looked at each other in worry for a moment before rushing off again.

They continued running for nearly two more blocks before they suddenly stopped dead in their track, blinking in disbelief at the sight before them. Small bursts of flames erupted from engines of cars with their hoods torn off. Trash bins, benches, and pieces of porches from nearby houses were thrown about everywhere, even in the streets. Some cars were overturned completely, their wheels up and resembling turtles that were comically thrown on their backs.

Black smoke rose into the air from the small fires that burned in the cars and trash bins. In the background, the figures of people fleeing the scene disappeared into the darkening area. Above, the sun was continuing its descent into far distant regions, giving off its colorful display that signified the upcoming end of another day.

“Oh my gosh,” Maybelle whispered, putting a hand over her heart.

The words had just barely left her mouth before a large group of the olcan suddenly jumped out of the shadows and began to give chase to the few remaining people desperate to get away. A mother screamed and grabbed her child to her chest as she fell to her knees, too frightened to get up.

“No!” Billie screamed out, anger rising in her. She raised both hands up, causing a rumble in the ground before her. A large boulder of earth smashed through the concrete sidewalk, fueled by Billie’s desperation to save the mother and child. She threw her hands forward, and before the olcan knew what was happening, it smashed into the group just as they reached the woman.

The demonic creatures screeched loudly with frustration and surprise and they were knocked many feet away, smashing them against a large truck and making a big dent on its side.

Breathing hard, the mother stood up on shaky legs, and after giving Billie a grateful look, turned and run off with her frightened child. Inside her, Billie could feel Aja’s approval, even though she and the others could not see the other gods anymore. Well done, my princess, the goddess said softly.

“Look out, there’s more!” yelled out Antonio, moving protectively in front of his friends. Another large group of the drooling, snarling, upgraded olcan suddenly jumped out from the darkening shadows, surprising the others. They raised their razor-sharp claws and jumped up high, intending to land on them and rip them to shreds.

As usual, the half-Latino boy dug deep into himself to draw on the power of lightning, but this time, something else took over him. He felt it in Shango as well. A new power was bubbling up in him. But instead of fearing it, shunning it, he welcomed it, knowing that this new power was there to protect him as well as the lightning.

Then by complete instinct, the curly-haired boy stepped forward, extending his arms wide. Taking a deep breath, he brought them together to create a huge and loud clap. But this was no ordinary clap. From this loud clap came a shock wave, a sonic boom of thunder that erupted out and smashed into the formerly human monsters just as they were about to pounce down on them. With a frustrated scream, they flew back many feet, smashing into the sides of buildings and windows.

Antonio gave a shocked expression as he looked down on his hands. “Whoa…..I can do that?” he asked himself.

It is not just the power of lightning you weld, young prince, but thunder as well. You have grown so much and now have gained the strength and birthright of using it, the dark-skinned Shango whispered to him.

Kwame was instantly right beside him, a big grin on his face. “That was awesome, bro!” He clapped his friend on the back as the caramel-colored boy grinned back.

“It’s not over yet,” Edwin said, coming up beside them. The Brazilian boy pointed to the side. Another large group of the creatures were coming toward them as the last bit of bystanders scurried off, unable to fully understand what was going on.

“Everyone, be ready!” Dante said, raising a flaming hand. The large flame cast a shadow on his dark face as he looked apprehensively at the approaching threat. The group of teens huddled together, going into a fighting stance and looking around in shock as now, the creatures were coming from all sides, surrounding them.

The monsters prepared to attack…..but suddenly stopped in their tracks. The stood snarling and spitting for what seemed like an impossibly long time. “What are they doing?” Hazelynn whispered to Billie over her shoulder. She shook her head, but there was no denying the feeling of dread that suddenly entered her heart.

The sky was just about to turn a velvet dark when the olcan began to quiet down….then slowly began to part to allow a tall, massive figure to walk through. The figure towered over nearly everything else as he arrogantly paused and stood before the young warriors. Shigidi’s eyes glowed just as bright and just as malevolently as before, looking down on the teens scornfully as he straightened to his full height. His dark skin with a greenish tinged and scales fairly gleamed in the dying daylight, and large muscles rippled beneath it.

When the group looked up at him, their eyes wide, he grinned his infamous, fanged teeth and his snake tongue flickered out. “Ahhh, right on time, just as I knew you would be,” the nightmare god said darkly. He raised a clawed hand and closed it into a fist before turning back to them. “You have been brave up until now, but it has finally come to an end. You will suffer for your insolence, but before that, I will give you the pleasure of watching your city burn to the ground.” He grinned again, flicking his tongue out in victory as the olcan closed up the path they created and  made ready to wreck havoc.

Billie stepped up, forcing herself to remain calm and not shake in her shoes. “You’re right Shigidi, it ends now… but for you!” she said bravely. “You’re not destroying our home!” She turned to the to others. “Everyone, throw everything you got at him!”

No more words were needed as the friends yelled and blasted forth their powers, feeling the energy and the determination of the god inside them. Lightning, fire, and silvery energy erupted into the early evening, bathing everything in an ethereal glow.

But the immense god only laughed and jumped high into the air. He twisted and flipped into the air to avoid the powers, then came crashing down on the ground in a powerful one-knee crouch, his massive arms spread out. The impact of his landing caused a deep rumbling and tremor that caused them to nearly lose their balance.

He straightened up and gave a wicked smirk. No one had time to move or attack, the ancient god bent down on one knee again and slammed his fist on the ground. A powerful shock wave made of ghostly light traveled from the impact to where Billie and the others were standing. They were too much in shock to force themselves to move and avoid the power, and by time they snapped back to reality, it was too late. The power crashed into them like a truck, knocking and blowing them away many feet into the air.

They all screamed as they fell and slammed into the ground. Billie gasped in despair as she felt her bones creak and nearly snap from the pressure. She lay on the ground panted hard in pain, the wind knocked out of her. Near her, the others moaned loudly in pain.

A moment later Billie forced herself to raise her head, coughing and gasping. She looked over to see her friend sprawled on the ground and she felt her heart sink a little. What was going on? How was he so strong? It took great effort for her to raise herself up on her knees, blinking her eyes. Inside her, she felt Aja giving her as much strength as she could...but would it be enough?

The god stepped forward to once more stand before them, triumphant. “Did you think it would be that easy?” he asked, sneering down on them. “The whole city is filled with fear now, and I thrive on fear...I feast on fear itself. The shaking and trembling of these pathetic mortals is giving me all the strength I need to finally dispose of you.” He raised a glowing hand and pointed it towards Billie. “And I think I’ll begin with you!”

“No!” Dante desperately tried to get on his feet to defend her, but the god waved an arm at him, sending him flying several more feet away.

He immediately turned back to the trembling girl, raising his arm once more…….but just as he was about to fire off a victorious blast, a powerful red whip of angry energy flashed out. It slammed into his midsection and flung him back high into the air until he finally slammed back down hard on the ground, causing a tremor.

Billie turned and gave a surprised and relieved gasp as Madame Brigitte calmly walked up to her, her brow narrowed together and her hand glowing a deep, angry red.

She stood beside the dark-skinned girl she finally stood up on wobbly, shaking legs. The goddess turned to her, asking with her eyes if she was alright. When Billie nodded, the Graveyard Guardian turned to the others as they too struggled to their feet. “Shigidi is right, he is feeding on the fear of the people in this city. But you don’t have to be afraid. You must control and master your fear in order to defeat him. You must not show fear.” She lifted her white-painted face. “Show no fear, and trust me,” she ended with a whisper.

The conviction of her words and determination was enough to fill Billie’s heart with hope. Could she really trust her? There was a small flicker of doubt, but inside her, she could feel Aja’s confidence in the ghost goddess. She is right, my liege. Trust her, let her help you come to your full potential.

She turned to the others and saw that like her, the other gods were giving them hope and confidence. Taking a deep breath, she turned to the goddess and nodded back at her.

But before anything could be said, Shigidi was suddenly back, coming down from the above them and landing with a deep thud. “Guess who’s back?” he said with a nasty grin as he straightened up from his landing. He then looked at Brigitte and growled deeply in his throat.

The goddess immediately got to work on her plan, spreading her arms out wide. A white, nearly blinding light burst out of her before Shigidi could make a move.  Billie could suddenly feel the raw power, then ancient energy pouring forth from her, filling her with hope and light. Breathing hard, she turned to the others. “Everyone, trust her! Give her all your trust and power!”

Billie stretched her arm out towards the woman, searching deep within herself. Within moments, in a way that she could never explain in words, Billie felt the power and essence of her ancestors. She felt the very energy and resolve of her many times great-grandfather, a king in his own right and as powerful in the Spirit World as he was in life. In her heart, in her spirit, she called out to him, beckoned him to help her fight this evil. In her heart as well, she felt the others calling out to their ancestors, their desperation and calling amplified by the power of Madame Brigitte. To add to the thrilling feeling, she then actually began to hear the beat of drum rising in the air, as though it was a call to battle. Louder and louder it got, filling the whole area.

Then like a beacon of hope, she felt the spirit of her ancestor, strong and full of confidence and determination. She felt him coming, getting closer and closer from the realm of Paradise. There was a burst of blinding, rainbow-like light, making Billie cry out and turn her head away.

The light began to dissipate, and when Billie was finally able to see again, she looked down and saw that she was back to wearing her royal garments, just as she was when she and the others came together to defeat Samedi.

She looked beside her, and to her surprise, she saw her ancient ancestor standing beside her, dressed handsomely in his robes and his sword...a spitting image of hers but in its ghostly form, raised. Her jaw dropped as she turned to see the ancestors of the others standing by them, all of them back in their royal clothes as well as looking just as stunned as she was.

But there was no time for admiration as the king raised his ghostly, see-through hand at Shigidi, as if to say “Attack!” Immediately the spiritual forms raced forward, bright light streaking behind them as the teens looked on in awe, their jaws dropped. Billie’s ancestor king plunged his sword deep into the nightmare god as he screamed in terror and frustration, followed by the two brother kings ancestors of Kwame and Keisha and digging their daggers deep in. Next was the warrior queen ancestor of Hazelynn, her beautiful face that closely resembled the girl’s filled with resolve.

The powerful rulers and ancestors of Edwin, Maybelle, and Dante rushed forward, slamming their own weapons in and nearly bowling the towering Shigidi over. But it didn't stop there. More of the spirits of ancient kings and queens of long ago appeared in shimmers of light and attacked with a vengeance, surrounding and overwhelming Shigigi with their weapons in a sea of ghosts. Brigitte continued to raise her arms, but Billie could see she was already tiring out. She once more turned to the others. “Everyone, attack!” she called out. “We can do this!” In a flash, her own sword appeared in her hands, ready to fight.

With their weapons appearing in their hands in bright lights, the others dashed forward, giving out battle yells. Like their spiritual ancestors, their plunged their weapons in deep, paying no mind to the green blood beginning to pour down. The god twisted and flopped, screaming long and loud. But still Billie and the others held on. After what seemed like a life time, the god gave one last roar before his body was surrounded by the shimmering, rainbow light. Billie finally flew, landing and rolling on the ground, followed by the others seconds later.

Billie sat up and watched with wide eye as Shigidi and the ghostly kings and queens began to sink lower and lower into the ground.  Their weapons disappeared, but still the spirits held on with theirs. Lower and lower the god of guilt and nightmares sank, screaming and roaring with pain. When he was finally up to his neck, Billie’s ancestor suddenly looked up at her…..and with a small smile, Billie would have sworn he winked at her. But whether it was just a trick of her eyes or not, Billie had no time to consider as in a flash, Shigidi and the other ancestors disappeared into the ground, leaving an empty place as though they were never there. The beating animal-skin drums began to fade, leaving quiet in its place.

Billie, Dante and the others were surrounded by a bright light. When it faded, they were back in their ordinary clothes, making them look around in astonishment, The light surrounding Madame Brigitte began to get dimmer and dimmer until her body shuddered and she fell to her knees. Billie was immediately at her side, steadying her. “Madame Brigitte, are you okay?” She helped the goddess back on her feet.

She nodded and gave a small smile. “I’ll be fine. Shigidi...Shigidi is gone. For a very long time. Where he went, they will definitely take care of him and make sure he causes no more trouble anytime soon.”

Tears filled Billie’s eyes as she looked up at the taller woman. “Brigitte...thank you, thank you so much. If it wasn’t for you….”

The goddess shook her head. “No, thank you. You didn’t give up on me, even after everything I did. And because of you, there is a chance that I’ll see Samedi again.” Her black eyes held a hopeful look. “Someday. Yes, Someday.” She gave a small smile.

Before she could answer back though, she was suddenly surrounded by Dante and the others, all enveloping her in a big hug. “Billie, we did it!” Dante yelled, gently touching her face. “We actually did it!”Unknown to them, Madame Brigitte quietly disappear, but not before giving another smile.

“My gosh, I thought we were goners for a second there!” Kwame said, shaking his head.

In a bright flash, the holographic forms of the Orisha appeared before them, relief in their eyes and grateful smiles on their faces. “You all did well, my lieges. The city is safe once more and all is as it should be. We are indebted to you.” Placing her hand over her heart, Aja went down on one knee, showing respect and allegiance. One by one the other gods did the same, making Billie and the others nearly want to cry with gratitude.

“Hey!” a voice suddenly cried out, breaking the intensely emotional moment. Gasping, Billie turned to see Erin running up to them, waving her arm. Not too far from her, Hattie hurried along, a knowing smile on her face. The Orisha all disappeared in a flash then, their hearts filled with gratitude.

“Erin, Miss Hattie!” Billie and her friends rushed over. Billie engulfed her friend in a hug as Dante looked over his grandmother to make sure she was okay.

“You guys did it!” Erin said, looking over all of them.

“Yeah, and I can’t wait to tell you about it!” Billie gushed. She put her arm around the girl, but as they turned to head back to Dante’s, a group of people suddenly walked out of the darkness towards them.  Billie eyes widened as she saw her parents coming up to her.

“Mom, Dad!” Her mother and father smiled and hugged her in relief as she rushed towards them. Right after, Hazelynn blinked as she saw who was behind them.

“Dad? Mom?” The beautiful Italian woman and handsome Haitian-American man hurried towards her, wrapping Hazelynn in their arms as her little brother Gio rolled his eyes. “Are you alright?” Jacque asked his daughter. Unable to find any words, the girl only nodded her head, so happy to see them as she allowed them to hold her tightly.

Hurrying right after them was Kwame's adoptive parents, their eyes wide. His pregnant mother nearly crushed him with her hug, tears filling her eyes as his father clapped him on the shoulders. The Nigerian boy grinned at them and shrugged his shoulders as if to say "See, I'm totally fine!"

“Maybelle!” The Jamaican girl turned from the heartfelt scene of the two families to see her mother running up to her, waving her arms.

“Mum! Oh Mum, I’m so glad to see you!” the island girl whispered out as she rushed into her mother’ arms. The two stayed that way for long moments, content just knowing that each other was safe.

Keisha ran right past them to hug her own other and father, both sobbing with relief that she was okay. Right besides them, Antonio’s parents rushed over to him, running their hands through his hair and looking him over. “I’m fine!” he assured them. Suddenly, a small figure was beside him, and he looked down to see a dark-skinned, seven-year old girl with Afro-puff pigtails looking up at him, shaking her head and arms crossed.

“Cousin Lindsey?” he asked in confusion.

“It was supposed to be a surprise for your birthday, but I guess you ruined it!” the pretty little girl said, rolling her eyes. Antonio could only chuckle.

After looking around for a bit, Edwin saw his mother walking slowly up to everyone, her eyes wide. “Mom!” He hurried over to her, not expecting her to make the trip. “You shouldn't have come, you’re still sick!”

“I’m fine, sweetheart. I just had to come and make sure you were okay. I mean, what everyone was saying about what they saw here...” Elaina paused and looked him over and was about to admonish him for coming here when it was so dangerous. But before she could say anything else, the Brazilian boy hugged her, so happy she was getting better. All anger and worry and faded from the woman as she hugged her son back, so relieved was she.

Not too far from them, Dante was assuring his aunt and well as his little cousin Isaiah, that he was fine.

A small crowd had gathered, curious as to what was going on. None of them paid attention as Billie and her friends prepared to leave with their families. Dante walked up to her and gently placed an arm around her shoulder, giving her a tender look as they walked ahead of everyone. The dark-skinned girl sighed in happiness, wanting nothing more than this moment to last forever.

Not too far away. Kwame nervously approached Hazelynn as she watch her family hurrying ahead, satisfied she was okay. He shuffled his feet as he stood before her. “Umm..listen, I was wondering...I mean, if it’s okay with you, that...maybe you would want to go to a movie, or….I mean, I don’t know...” He faltered, running his hand through his thick hair. He was about to say more, but the half-Italian girl reached over and placed a finger on his lips.

“I’d love to,” she whispered softly, giving a small smile. Then after quickly looking around, she leaned over and give a quick kiss on his cheek. She smiled again and turned away with a flip of her hair, catching up to her family.

The Nigerian boy stood stunned for a moment, then giving a wide grin, pumped his fist. “Yes!” he exclaimed. Beside him, Antonio shook his head at his friend, glad he finally got brave. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Maybelle smiling at him. Smiling back at her, he allowed her to hook her arm with his and together they walked on, contentment on their faces as she laid her head his his shoulder.

Coming up behind them, Edwin had his arm protectively around Keisha’s shoulders, a serene, contented smile on his own face. The albino girl had her arms around his middle as she looked up at him adoringly. Beside them, his mother looked at them with a peaceful expression as they walked on.

High above them, the stars begin to glitter sending peaceful vibes to the inhabitants down below as police sirens finally sounded in the background. Another day had come and gone in the beautiful, vibrant, world-renowned city of New Orleans, but barely anyone knew how close it came to it all coming to an end. No one would ever really now, but that was alright to a group of young royal descendants who did all they could to protect their home. And they would do it all again if need be. In the distance, classic Jazz music began to play, filling the city with the spirit and soul it was known for hundreds of years for. The spirit of New Orleans shined during the most troubled time, and would continue to do so for many more years to come, thanks to a few brave souls.


Back in a large, secret room of a grand castle in the Ile-Ife, the sounds of the celebration were far away as Madame Brigitte walked up to a burning flame underneath a floating, dome-shaped, glass. Silvery sparkles erupted from the flame as it burned a few inches above a small, round wooden table with intricate designs. The light of the flame illuminated the goddess's eyes and face as she peered into the floating case and smiled.

"Someday," the ghost goddess whispered to herself as she watched the sparkling flame, knowing that it contained the essence of her love. "Someday, my love." She smiled lovingly at it one last time before turning and slowly walking away to join the celebration, hope in her heart.


The End
Final chapter! Please enjoy and of course, please comment as well as fave. ;) Wow, I can't believe I finished another story, I honestly didn't think I would. ^^; I'm really proud of myself, mostly because of the crazy year I've had. No worries, it's not anything tragic or terrible. Just.....things I hope would have changed by now haven't changed, but I'm still crossing my fingers. :thanks: Anyway, like before, I want to thank some friends of mine who stuck by me during my writing and gave me the encouragement, advice, and suggestions I so terrible needed:

Kitty Ocean -

Thank you so much, I honestly don't know what I would have done without your reading and providing the comments and feedback I needed. You were always there to keep me on my toes and give me the confidence and motivation to keep me writing. Thank you so much! :iconsuperglompplz:

Jeff/Sailor Energy  -

Thanks Jeff, I can't believe you put up with all all these years. ^^; I know you didn't have a lot of time to read and give feedback and suggestions like before, but that's alright, I understand. I wish you all the best luck with your geology business. :aww: Thanks for being there when you can and your amazing insight. :huggle:

Mike Moon -

One of my oldest friends and one of the biggest supporters I have. Thanks so much for catching all the typos and mistakes I missed. I really appreciate it. You're the best! :blowkiss:

And of course, thanks to all of you who took the time to read and give feedback. You know how much that means to me. You know who you are. Thanks so much again, and I'll be back soon! :excited:

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You thanked ME?! But YOU are always the one who supports ME! T_T 

I loved reading this story; a worthy end of the series. And who knows, what the future might bring?
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Of course I thanked you, you really gave me the motivation and the kick-in-the-butt I needed to finish this! I love your feedback and comments, it really opened my eyes. :thanks: And I will continue to support you too. Thank you so much for being there for me in my writing. It meant more than words could ever say. :huggle:
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