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Marathon - Leela

By Caria
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Leela always irked me. It's probably something to do with the fact that she always sent the player off on frustration missions such as closing airlocks and rescuing humans. And when you failed to rescue the humans, she always told you off. In three playthroughs, I've rescued enough people for her once.

It was almost a relief to be kidnapped by Durandal.

But I did kind of feel sorry for her after Marathon 2. Although I'm sure she was hugely happy. ...The inhabitants of Vylae, probably less so.

She always seemed like a 'big sister' presence to me, there to keep the two warring siblings in line.

...And I think here she'd be pointing at the player and thinking "you missed a Bob right there."

Leela © Bungie
Art © =Caria
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The thing with Leela is that, unlike Durandal, she had a much different evolution as a character. She wasn't some doorman, like Durandal, she was in charge! Big time! She was the absolute boss of things. Then she goes rampant, and kills a whole planet! That basically shows that Leela passed the Melancholia stage of rampancy and was in the Anger part.
By the second and third games, we see that Durandal has well past those stages, also passed Jealously and was most likely at the Meta-Stability stage, the final stage. Durandal then decides to help you out, but his main goal is to use his new freedom to find answers to basically every question ever uttered. Did he reach said thing as a life goal because of his origins and original (very limited) interactions with humans?

If so, what would Leela's future be as a rampant AI? Its a shame that the series did not give us some info on what happened to her after her rampancy kicked in, besides the whole planetary scale genocide thing...
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This is awesome and so cute! Leela is also my favourite AI.
Have you happened to play Eternal scenario? I met Leela there again, but I am still playing it so I dont know how will it end.)
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i always imagined her as a more mature in her 40's or 30's
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With an attitude like that, one has to wonder who Leela cares more for: you, or those BOBs who just got flash-fried.
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Leela's attitude drove me crazy. She bitched at me for shooting the BoBs, but... never seemed to think to advise them not to block the path of the big man with the flamethrower. Maybe in reality she was sick of them too and secretly took pleasure in watching them get crisped. :D

It's not my fault they kept blocking narrow pathways... They should have learned to run faster. :heart:
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Perhaps the BOBs, in their panic, decided to ignore the voice of reason--namely, the path of your flamethrower and Leela.
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You'd think my flamethrower would have been more persuasive than Leela, but I guess not. :hmm:

Life definitely improved when Durandal started teleporting people in and out; he tended to shift them before I could kill them.
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Ah, Leela. She was delightfully infuriating.
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I'm not sure 'delightfully' is entirely how I'd put it. :XD: I agree with ~NeoSilverThorn in that she had me swearing in ways yet to be repeated. (Although Guilty Spark in Halo has almost had the same effect...) I'm with you on the 'infuriating' bit though. :D

Aaah Leela, I loved her really. After I'd emptied my ammo into the terminal screen and was feeling less angry...
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Yeah, she had me swearing at the screen too. But if you ask me, Spark was worse, because he barely even gave what could be qualified as directions. And Leela *did* have the best music in the game.

I do like seeing the AI's in your style, though. Any plans to do one with Tycho?
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I'll agree on Spark, but being able to actually shoot at him was rather theraputic. Although I'll admit that the entire Library in Halo 1 had me almost swearing as much as I did at Leela. But in his defence, he didn't bitch at the player if they didn't save enough people either. (I'd like to see Leela do a better job of it...)

I've done a couple of sketches and doodles of Tycho, but for me he's one of the hardest characters to draw. It's possibly because he managed to make me even angrier than Leela... :D I should channel all that burning hate into artwork or something, it might help...
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Perhaps you could channel the hate into Durandal and Leela beating him up? He always seemed the type to get picked on.

Happy New Year!
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Well, I'm not sure it's entirely unjustified, Tycho being picked on. =P He strikes me as the kind of whiny kid brother / cousin type, who steals your stuff then feigns innocence or something. ...Not that sulky Durandal is much better. :XD:

I'll see what comes to mind though, especially since I need to finish replaying Marathon 2...

Happy new year to you too! :D
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Ah, yes. The artifical intelligence who had me screaming profanities at the screen in a way I've yet to repeat. (The screaming part, at least.)
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Hah, yeah, she was very good at that wasn't she?
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so THAT'S Cortana's origins
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Well, actually, Cortana is basically a direct brain scan of Dr. Catherine Halsey; she's unique in that Halsey is the only person to survive the process. Most Halo AIs are created by kidnapping small children, flash-cloning them so their parents don't miss them (although flash-cloned children usually die of metabolic cascade failure a year later) and then either ripping their minds or training them to be soldiers and then ripping their minds. Leela and the other Marathon AIs, on the other hand, are hand-coded personality construct AIs, according to the most talkative one on the Marathon, Durandal. :)

Not that I'm a bit obsessive or anything...
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of course
i read that book.
it was pretty good.
but Leela looks like Cortana in a way
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Well, that must be my fault... 'cause Leela is nothing more than green text. :XD:

Poor girl that she is; none of the AIs in Marathon got a single body (although Durandal may possibly have been given a head). All hand-coded AIs, nothing more than streams of text on terminals, like Halo 3. Difference between them all only got introduced in Marathon 2, where Tycho was red and Durandal was green. In the mid-1990s, we weren't quite so graphically advanced. Although I think people connected more with the characters because you never saw them.

Any Marathon characters I draw are entirely how I imagine them to look like. =P

But I do recommend playing the games. Once you find certain things out in Marathon, you look at Halo entirely differently. Especially the Legendary ending of Halo 3.
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Brilliant! I honestly have never seen anyone create a picture on Leela before.... but Im sure if I saw others, yours would be on the top.

.... >.< God those bob saving missions.... lawl
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I totally love Leela. In a kind of hating way. Man she's so mean when you 'just happen' to shoot a few Bobs... I could easily see her as the 'big sister' type, who is resented by her baby brothers.

She was awesome though. And now she's rampant all over the Vylae network. Go Leela, I always knew you had it in you! :XD: She's an under-loved girlie...
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I love all the Marathon AI's.... hehe

wasnt Vylae a 15-world system? yeah, no wonder she went rampant! I'd bet she went rampant from trying to be the big sister of everyone on those planets... :3
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