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Gender Symbols

"Final" version (not really final, because it can always change) of the gender symbols chart that I made with other non-binary people from Brazil~

The gender symbols were a result from a discussion among fellow non-binary Brazilians in 2014. I was the one who sketched ideas and made the final version in Photoshop, but the symbols were invented by group, not by one person. It was a group effort.

These symbols are free to share and use, but you don't have permission to relate these gender symbols with other gender identities, because each was created to represent their specified gender identity(es). For example, do not state that the symbol for pangender and polygender doesn't represent pangender identity.
You don't have permission to erase certain gender identities from this chart just because you don't think they are valid.
Don't use these symbols for your transphobic agenda.

Travesti is a non-Western gender identity exclusive to Brazilian culture.

Polygender was misspelled, it's not "poligender". In portuguese, it's poligênero, that's why the typo happened.

To download the PSD files (for photoshop), just go to the links below and click “download” at the menu at the right corner.

Also, please check out our tumblr:

Gender is not the same as sex. There aren't just 2 genders and also there aren't just 2 sexes, because there are the sexes of intersex people.

The point of labels is to explain yourself without using your own words.



Versão “final” (entre aspas, porque sempre está sujeito a mudanças) da tabela de símbolos de gêneros que eu fiz junto com outres não-bináries~

Pra fazer o download do arquivo PSD (pra photoshop), é só ir nos meus links abaixo e clicar em “download” à direita.

Ah e, se quiserem, dêem uma olhada nos nossos tumblr:…


If you harass me, you are going to be reported. Just go have your own life instead of harassing others.

I don't want to know your disrespectful and hateful view of the world. Nobody wants to know that. If you don't like that there are people different from you, then that's your problem and you should seek help from a professional.

You disliking transgender people doesn't make you special.

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