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anenome like a rubber ball

it's normal anemone with clown fishes
somehow sometimes they close theirself! (maybe catched a fish ??)

What I've been told it's chance to see anemones in this position.

Shot from Malaysia / Sipadan
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omg!! i want go to the ocean and see everything x)
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this is gorgeous. i love its color.
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:giggle: Very interesting looking! Nice photo! :D
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Omg! o.O Where did you shoot this? I went scuba yesterday, and thought the view was quite good, but this.. :P

But ok.. Love how you used the light in this picture, it makes a perfect background. And makes the anemone come more forward. Pretty.
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I soot this in Kapalai, Malaysia,

I's a paradise for underwater photography...

Thanks for your comment about the light Christine :)
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One more beautiful shot:)
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whoa! very nice.
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What camera?
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please check my main page ;)
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They do that either when feeding, or if something has touched/scared it. Looks like maybe a Ritteri anemone, with a skunk clownfish.
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thanks for explaining :)
c u
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God, I wish I could scuba dive. My ears don't pressurize. It sucks.
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sorry to hear that! is there a cure for that ?
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Not that I know. It makes me so sad. I want to SCUBA! :(
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maybe you can do some snorkelling and there are so beatiful places you can see many creatures
health becomes first my dear no sadness :)
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I have snorkeled before. It was fun. I kept trying to swim further down to see more and then my ears would have a fit.
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