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Tenchu: Ayame for XPS!

"Shh!" Ayame is sneaking her way onto XPS!

I love the Tenchu series, and Wrath of Heaven (Tenchu 3) was my favourite,
so I've decided to give Ayame a 2020 makeover!  :happybounce:  
Ayame: Old and New by CaressingCarrots 

The download button is just below the preview pic (the downward arrow) :-3

(hit Ctrl+A)
Almost everything is an Optional Item and can be toggled on/off (except for her underwear ofcourse! Giggle )

Default Costume:
there is a little bit of clipping on the leather straps of her bracers when you bend her elbows,
part of the heel of her left shoe moves with the toe bone (no idea why!)
moving her shoulder bones far can make her shoulders clip through the back of her top!

Secret Costume:
In the Optional Items menu her shoes and fishnet-top both say they are on when they are off, and off when they are on!
(not really an issue, but an annoyance!)
her hiparmour and belt can clip a lot with her legs/back, there are hiparmour bones though,
so you can move them around to fix/lessen clipping issues :-3

I'd recommend that everyone who uses XPS downloads Large Address Aware!
it removes the memory limit from XPS, getting rid of all of those pesky memory errors!


as with all of my models she might not load into blender (it'll take a long time),
she was made for XPS/XNALara :-3

Body + Gloves Head | Hair | Bracers | Top | Scarf | Belt |
Belt Buckles | Pants | Swords + Sheaths | Shoes | Leg Straps |
Secret Costume:
Top Boots | Hair | Hipguards | Headband | Wristbands | Swords + Sheaths |

Xelandis, bstylez, Sticklove, xKamillox, XPS-Fanatic, zareef, Darklack, fightfanz, OGLoc069, rolance, KoDraCan, Shuubaru, 
Toshiiekyoko01, zareef, SumireJaganshi, FallingAlyx

I can't thank my good friend Xelandis enough for helping to sort out my clipping woes!
thanks Xel! Hug 

Model created using XPS,Photoshop and patience!
Preview art rendered using Octane Render.

UPDATE: 10/9/21
i've added her 'Secret costume' from Tenchu 1! ;-3

let me know if you find any bugs!

now get stabbing those baddies! 
Katana Ninja 
© 2020 - 2021 CaressingCarrots
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SumireJaganshi's avatar

Mind if I use her hair for a model and credit you?

CaressingCarrots's avatar

Ofcourse not Sumi! ^_^

Also credit xKamillox for porting the hair model :-3

I look forward to seeing your beautiful model! :clap:

CharlesWS's avatar

Wow. The first Tenchu is one of the best games I ever played, the music was amazing, and I loved Ayame. :heart:

What you did for her is truly faithful to Ayame, seriously. Excellent work! :333

I also love the look of that outfit you previewed for those who scolled down...I hope it's soon, but please take your time! :nod:

CaressingCarrots's avatar

Thankies charles!

The preview below is her 'secret costume' from the first game ^_^

There are a few clipping issues to fix today, but hopefully i'll have her ready tonight!

CharlesWS's avatar

:nod: I do remember it, and your version is so much better compared to the one in the game! :333

CaressingCarrots's avatar

finished making her secret costume now! its up in the description :-3

TheRessen's avatar

Nice work... can I make a Tekken 7 mod using your model?

adadxsg's avatar
CaressingCarrots's avatar

ooo that'd be amazing!

i'm not sure how well she'll work in programs other than XPS,

but you're certainly welcome to try whatever you like with her ^_^

let me know how it goes! :-3

TheRessen's avatar

Thanks... I'll credit you and I'll make a mention when done.

Anei-Keno-SBOA's avatar
CaressingCarrots's avatar
This franchise needs to return, Tenchu Z took up all of my time back in the day.
CaressingCarrots's avatar
Yeah, it's criminal that we haven't seen this series in so long!
PerilMachine's avatar
Another grandslam character! :D She fits in perfect with the DOA style. 

This bring back the pain of not having tenchu game in years. The last one I played was for xbox360, but it had an awesome co-op option. Gamers today dont want challenging games where you need patience and skill, they want auto aim hand holding loot boxes. Thats why we wont see this title get justice :(
CaressingCarrots's avatar
thankies Peril!
oh yeah! i loved that co-op mode :D
and true about the modern games, i can't remember the last decent stealth game!
even the assassins creed games now let you slaughter your way through waves of enemies XD
Coltm1919's avatar
That is the perfect example of a Tenchu PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC remake. *Sigh* Only if Fromsoftware abandons the Tenchu Series allowing us modders and developers to start making the series.
CaressingCarrots's avatar
Thanks! I feel like capcom would do a good job with the Tenchu series if fromsoftware sold it to them
or Tecmo, the folks who make Ninja Gaiden ^_^
SkullsKnight's avatar
sorry for posting another comment but could you also make the other characters from the tenchu series ? like Rin,Tatsumaru,Rikimaru,Onikage and Tesshu Fujioka ?
CaressingCarrots's avatar
You never need to apologise for comments! :D
Probably not sorry ^_^ they take a day or more to make, so i only make the characters that I really like :-3
The other tenchu characters are cool, I do like Rin, but there is a very long list of characters that I really want to make Wink/Razz 
SkullsKnight's avatar
Ah ok, maybe in the future you can have them made or by someone else, thanks for the reply.
camaross7's avatar

bro is it anyway or method to mod this model to some game huh like sekiro etc. thx you sir

CaressingCarrots's avatar
I know that it is possible, but no idea how to do it XD
someone modded my Princess Jasmin model in a game fighting Orcs Giggle…
So it's definitely possible :happybounce: 
camaross7's avatar

this model far better 10X 100/100 when compare to ayame in tenchu4 shadow assassin design

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