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Jessie for XPS! (Includes Barefoot/Bikini options)

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Prepare for trouble! Jessie is here!
Kojiro and Musashi (Prepare for trouble) [V1]  

Just like my Misty model She comes in 3 versions, Default (ofcourse!) and also Socks/Barefoot and Bikini versions for those lazy days by the pool! ^_^
Her socks are a removable Optional Item for the Barefoot version and Her sandals and glasses are removable Optional Items for the Bikini version. :-3

NOTE: if you raise her arms up too high you'll see that there is a gap in her torso under her arm pits, sorry!
but other than that i think she is working fine ^_^


XPS-Fanatic, DragonLord720, Sticklove, ShinyLightBulb, bstylez, KamsonX, xo-bahamut-ox, Sterrenacht, TRDaz
Xna-Posing-Studio availiable at:

resources used:
| Head BootsGloves | Hair | Top Part 1 | Top Part 2 | Body, Socks and Skirt | Bikini

as with Misty, let me know if you come across any bugs!

UPDATE: 16/8/18
as part of a BIG cleanup project i'm revisiting all of my models to make them more compatible with rendering programs outside of XPS!

what's changed?

FINALLY fixed an issue with the sleeves and neck of her top having different lighting to the rest, You can use Cel Shading now, yay!
removed lots of hidden textures. (the file size is almost HALF of what it was before!)
removed lots of hidden bones. (this will help with blender loading times, though it will still take aaaaages and appear frozen)
converted from the "pure white" opacity method that XPS supports to using alpha images. (much more versatile, and widely supported)
added preview images for XPS! :-3

be sure to delete the old "Jessie" folder in your model directory!
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Oh she is sexy!

And my childhood crush GHOST HEART

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Everyone's childhood crush! ^_^

(Though I might have like Misty more!) :-3

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do you have the arbok as well?
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its not a finished model, but i should be able to stick it together and share it soon :-3
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what does xps stand for ?
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XNA-Posing-Studio ^_^
(And XNA is a paradoxical acronym for "XNA's Not Acronymed") Giggle 
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Thankoo! Have fun! :-3
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Very beautiful Jessie! Love Heart 
always wanted to make some Pokemon girls (Jessie, Flannery, Prima) for DOA5 by myself Yummy 
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thankies! :-3
Flannery and Prima would be cool to see ^_^
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I'd love to try both your Misty and Jessie, but i'm very bad with hairs.  
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i hate when models have a million hair bones too XD
luckily the Misty model only has a ponytail so its very easy ^_^
the Jessie model does have hair bones, but it is only Left Right and Middle, so you should be ok :-3
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Misty's hairs is very similar to Kasumi's hair with one ponytail from DOA5. And, aren't Jessie hairs always was static in anime?)
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That is a good point about Jessie's hair!
You shouldn't need to move it :-3
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Who do you think has the widest hips in the franchise?
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thats a tough one!
maybe officer jenny ^_^
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I used to think she was the hottest character in the show. Looking at this model I can see why that is a fact.
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She used to be one of my favourites too! :happybounce: 
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HAHA! I guess James was too blind to see what he had in front of him ;)
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Nice model, Gracias amigo!!
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Love She's wonderful!
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