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SASH E-2a, a Sapient Autonomous Synthetic Humanoid, built in Elichny. A medical android designed by Dobromil Baran and his team for the military. Combat androids were disallowed by [a treaty or by international law], but the SASH program was already underway. Their design was altered so they could serve as battlefield medics, resistant to damage and proficient in many medical procedures.

Despite his imposingly large frame and emotionally inexpressive demeanor, SASH is rather quiet and prefers working alone or with his friend, Dr. M. Several years ago he and Gregor fled their country. He now spends his time hidden away from society, but enjoys the solitude. He has great talent working with micro-electronics and build the devices his friend the neurosurgeon implants. He emphatically prefers being called an "android" to "robot."

Design greatly helped by HeroMachine.
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