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It was with a mixture of horror and embarrassment that I realized I have not visited this site for far too long.
The truth of the matter is, that I've been working for the last three months on a new animation project.
And when it boils down to it, I am one of those people who generally prefers to do something rather than talk about it.
Unfortunately this is not a very good way to raise your profile,
my wife has told me off and having been summarily chastened,I am going to attempt to mend my ways! 

One of the other things that made me think twice about my actions, was that about a month ago I took part in the blender guru monthly competition.  The subject title was "another planet,"
Being a bit of a sci fi fan this was right up my street, but as I was in the middle of said animation, I thought
I would Only give myself a day for this and get back to some real work.
Having done that I pretty well forgot about it for the rest of the month, until it transpired that I had actually reach the finals!
I didn't win, the entry that did was far superior to mine, but it did make me think I'm not paying proper attention to the Internet.
So here I am to make amends, and to start off, I will upload said entry.
Anyway it's nice to be back!
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April 29, 2015


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