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Evil room of death part 2
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Published: October 7, 2007
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EDIT: the reason I have this many is cause I used to have a very GOOD job... and I spent ALL my money on that...
now I only buy around 50 a year... cause I don
EDIT 2: This is the MANGA ONLY
The DVDs and boxset or games are in my bro's room or in the living room...

EDIT 3: proof that this is really my room lol…

EDIT 4: updated the list -_-; maybe there is still some missing

and me and my ugly english accent…

The unmotivation poster T_T…

and NO I wont give you my adress, I wont trade room either....

sorry... didn't drew alot this week... -_-;
I've don some cleaning in my room...

soon, nothing will fit anymore T_T (I added a new row, and it's already full....

click download to have a better view....

hummm here's an about list of what manga I have...

it should be around 1550 mangas... didn't bought alot lately...


(c) = complete serie
(a) = aborted, the publishing of that serie stopped stoped
(l) = lost interest in serie. (maybe after a while or people saying it's good, I buy and don't really like it in the end...)
nothing = will buy the rest when out

and I get alot of quantity over quality. I buy stuff that think I will like and looks interresting, heard of from a friend or is the same author as xyz... I don't go online and read some scans cause it's free and stuff and decide if I should buy it or not. I like having a real book in my hands, not reading on a screen. and for the few manga that I read online, I usually buy them in a book it they get translated. So whatever if you think it's quantity over quality, I really like books whether manga or not. that's all

in jap

Fruits basket vol 10, (gift)
Alice 19th 1-2, (bought in french)
Slayers 1, 1-7 (oui j'ai 2 fois vol 1...)
Slayers Special 1, (c)
Saber Marionette J 1-3, (really echi)
DNAngel 1-5, (bought in french)
Ayatsuri Sakon 1-4, (c)
Fun Fun Factory 1-4, (c)
Sailor V vol 2, (first manga in jap)
Cutey Honey Flash 1, (first manga in jap)
Daa Daa Daa 1-9,+6, (c)
Full moon wo sagashite 1-7, (c)
Kamikaze kaito jeanne 1-7, (c)
time stranger kyoko 1-3, (c)
ION 1, (c)
ION new edition (c)
Kanshaku dama no yuutsu 1, (c)
tanemura's short stories (c)
gakuen alice 1-12, (bought rest in french)
star ocean 1-7, (c)
MAZE 1, (l)
magic knight rayearth 1, (bought rest in french)
candidate for goddess 1, (l)
saboten no himitsu 1-4 (c)
love berrish 1-4 (bought rest in french)
samurai darling (c)
tei-n zutsurusu (c)
musée d'horreur etc etc ? (gift)
Tales of vesperia 1

Ciel last automne story 4-9 (cause they don't get out anymore in french)
Angel Diary 7-13 (c)

this is french and english mix together...

Peach girl 1-17, (c)
Ura peach girl 1-3(c)
narutaru 1-2, (a)
psycometer eiji 2, (l)
DNA2 1-5 (c)
bastard!! 1-2,(l)
macross 7 vol 1, (l)
yu-gi-oh 1-14, (l)
gundam wing 1-2, (l)
hana yori dango 1-26, (the rest is out but I'm too lazy to buy them)
gals! 1-10, (c)
marmalade boy 1-8, (c)
mint na bokura 1-2,
random walk 1-2,
ultra maniac 1-5, (c)
DNAngel 1-13,
merupuri 1-4, (c)
l'amour a tout prix 1-2,
magie interieur 1-4, (c)
appare jipangu 1-3, (c)
fushigi yuugi 1-18, (c)
fushigi yuugi gembu kaiden 1-4,
imadoki 1-5, (c)
utena 1-5, (c)
urukyuu 1-9, (c)
global garden 1-8, (c)
ceux qui ont des ailes 1-6, (c)
fruits basket 1-23, (c)
cyber idol mink 1-6, (c)
le villain petit canard 1-6, (c) (duck prince in english)
digi charat champion cup 1, (c)
digi charat 1, (c)
12 mois 1, (l)
daa daa daa 1, (have them in japanese)
angel sanctuary 1-20, (c)
nana 1-21 +7.8,
gokinjo monogatari 1-7, (c)
please save my earth 1-20, (c)
ah! my goddess 1-34, (l)
I"s 1-15, (c)
samurai deeper kyo 1-11, (l)
Neji 1, (c)
Megatokyo 1,
elle et lui 1, (see kare kano)
magic knight rayearth 1-2,
you're under arrest 1-7, (c)
agharta 1-3, (a)
alice 19th 1-7, (c)
min min Mint 1, (c)
genzo le marrionetiste 1-4, (c)
witch class 1, (a)
naruto 1-3, (l)
hikaru no go 1-25, (c)
inuyasha 1-11, (l)
battle royale 1-4,
chobits 1-8, (c)
celui que j'aime 1, (c) (watashi no sukina hito)
tsubasa 1-15, (l)
xxxholic 1-13,
lawful drug 1-3,
card captor sakura 1-12, (c)
j'aime ce que j'aime 1-3, (suki dakara suki) (c)
X 1-18,
clamp campus detective 1-3, (c)
le voleur aux 100 visages 1-2, )20 mensou ni onegai) (c)
dukalyon 1-2, (c)
clover 1-4, (c)
angelic layer 1-5, (c)
element line 1-3,
atelier marie 1-2,
mirumo de pon 1-12, (c)
Detective conan 1-78,
yaiba 1-4, (l)
ai yori aoshi 1, (l)
sailor moon en couleur 1-2, (c)
sailor moon new edition 1-12 (c)
escaflowne 1, (l)
tenchi muyo 1, (l)
ayashi no ceres 1-14, (c)
butsu zone 1-3, (c)
shaman king 1-15, (l)
les enquete de kindaichi 1-3, (a)
hunter x hunter 1-23,
Yuyu hakusho 1-19, (c)
Rozen maiden 1-3,
MAR 1-2, (l)
kimi wa pet 1-9,
full metal alchemist 1-6,
X-day 1-2, (c)
role playing girl 1, (c)
ange mode d'emploi 1-6, (c)
paradise kiss 1-5, (c)
azumanga daioh 1, (l)
Fever 1-3,
sweet and sensitive 1-2, (a?)
fantamir 1-2, (french)
fantamir 1-3 (english. bought them cause they stopped doing it in french)
platina 1-11,
kill me kiss me 1-5, (c)
bom bom 1-3, (c)
marine blue 1-10, (c)
sweety gem 1-6, (a)
rure 1-4, (a)
yureka 1-2, (a)
peppermint 1-4, (c)
cashgirl 1-10, (c)
vitamin 1-16, (c)
queen's kinght 1-6, (a)
INVU 1-4,
Chiro 1, (a)
trois soeur jumelle 1-2, (a)
demon diary 1-7, (c)
angel diary 1-12 (C),
president dad 1-4,
Sweet 1, (a)
little queen 1-6,
hissing 1-4,
bring it on 1-3,
only the ring finger knows, (c)
our kingdom 1-5, (c)
selfish love 1-2, (c)
moon boy 1-9 (c)
dragon knights 1-26, (c)
sugar sugar rune 1-3,
dramacon 1-3, (c)
dazzle 1,
kare first love 1-10, (c)
vampire game 1-15, (c)
Happy hustle high (H3) 1-5, (c)
hot gimmick 1-12, (c)
tokyo boys and girls 1-5, (c)
ouran high school host club 1-15,
othello 1-7, (c)
hana-kimi 1-23, (c)
guruguru pon-chan 1, (l)
kare kano 1-17, (did the rest eventually got out?)
girl got game 1-10, (c)
beyond my touch 1, (c)
les princes du thé 1-2,
yakitatte ja-pan 1-7, (l)
loveless 1, (l)
kamichama karin 1-7, (c)
kamichama karin chu 1-2(c),
faeries' landing 1-2,
gatcha gatcha 1-4,
beyond the beyond 1-4, (a)
chibi vampire 1-2,
life 1, (l)
D.gray-man 1, (l)
mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch 1,
eerie queerie 1-4, (c)
dream saga 1-5, (c)
tokyo mew mew 1-7, (c)
tokyo mew mew a la mode 1-2, (c)
pretear 1-4, (c)
.hack//twillight 1-3, (c)
.hack//GU + 1-4, (c)
.hack//XXX 1-2, (c)
.hack//aclon 1
.hack//link 1
Disgaea 1 1-2, (c)
Disgaea 2 1-2, (c)
instant teen (otona ni NUTS) 1-4, (c)
zodiac PI (catcher in the horoscope) 1-4, (c)
gravitation 1-12, (c)
shutterbox 1-4, (a)
king of badit jing 1-7, (c)
doubt! 1-4,
petshop of horror 1-10, (c)
Petshop of Horror: tokyo 1-6
kamikaze kaito jeanne 1-7, (c)
Kamikaze kaito jeanne new edition 1-5 (c)
lodoss war chibi island 1,
detective loki ragnarok (first season) 1-3
detective loki ragnarok (second season) 1-2,
land of the blindflolded 1-9, (c)
kingdom hearts 1-4, (c)
kingdom hearts chain of memory 1-2 (c)
Kingdom hearts 2 1-2
death note 1-12, (c)
genshiken 1-9, (c)
tactics 1-5,
full moon 1-7, (c)
maburaho 1,
princess tutu 1-2, (c)
rizelmine 1, (c)
alien nine 1,
rising stars of manga vol3,
pitaten 1-8, (c)
gothic sports 1, (a)
steady beat 1, (a)
midori days 1,
kanpai 1, (l)
GTO 1-25, (c)
bleach 1-13,(l)
evangelion 1-9,
hoshin engi 1-23, (c)
ranma 1/2 1-38, (c)
sailor moon 1-18, (c)
sailor V 1-3, (c)
love hina 1-14, (c)
kenshin 1-28, (c)
gunsmith cats 1-8, (c)
cats eyes 1-10, (c)
et cetera 1-9, (c)
dragon ball 1-4,36,
rave 1-5, (l)
slayers 1-2,
quartier lointain 1-2 (c)
catworld 1-2, (c)
pokemon 1,
mermaid forest 1,
riot 1-2, (c)
fly 1.....
re: play
Legend 1-3,
Goong 1 (palace), (a)
11th cat 1-4 (c)
bird kiss 1-5 (c)
good luck 1-5 (c)
last quarter 1-3 (c)
kedamono damono 1-3(a?)
hayate the combat butler 1-9
+anima 1-10
pixie pop 1-3 (c)
mamotte lollipop 1-7 (c)
metamo kiss 1-3 (c)
passion ballet 1
buso renkin 1 (l)
densha otoko 1-3 (c)
honey and clover 1-7
tenshin naka janai double editon 1-4 (c)
kon kon kokon 1
kitchen princess 1-10 (c)
gentlemen allicence cross 1-11
millenium snow 1-2 (a?)
murder princess 1-2 (c)
lovely complex 1-10
elemental gerad 1-3
shakugan no shana 1
le jeu du chat et de la souris (c)
shinobi kokoro (c)
skyswcrapper of oz (c)
kissing (c)
alone in my king's harem (c)
desire (c)
mamotte shugogetten 1 (l)
playboy cafe 1-3
secret sweetheart (boku no imoto ni koi suru) 1-3
One shot love stories 1-12
1001 nights 1-3 (a)
mucha kucha daisuki 1-4 (c)
princess princess 1-2
accord parfait (c)
aventura 1-3
cherry juice1-4 (c)
S.A 1-16
VB Rose 1-7
B.O.D.Y. 1-5
Ciel- last automn story 1-3 (which is sooooooo good!!! XD) (a)
monochrome Factor 1 (a) (vol2 never got out in french O_o)
synop6 1
gakuen alice / alice academie 1-7
Ion (c)
short tempered melancoly (c)
Time Stranger Kyoko 1-3, (c)
Gakuen Heaven 1,
Fallen moon 1
Pearl Pink 1 (a)
Here is greenwood 1-8, (c)
Spiral: suiri to kizuna 1-8
Zombie-loan 1-9
Vampire Knight 1-10
Aoi House deluxe edition 1-2 (c)
La Corda d'oro 1-11
Death Joke 1-2 (death note parodie) (l omg so bad)
fox lady 1-2 (a)
sugar princess 1-2,
door of chaos 1-2
little cry baby (c)
contes cruels (c)
vampire chronicles 1-2
five 1-3
sayonara zetsubou sensei 1
love berrish 1
rocking heaven 1-8 (c)
majin tentei nogami NEURO 1-4
nosatsu junkies 1-3
lovey dovey 1-2
otomen 1
at laz meridian 1-3
4 pure loves 1 (c)
si ton reve se realise 1 (c)
Gaba Kawa 1 (c)
Punch! 1-3 (c)
Chronicles of the cursed sword 1-17 (c)
Rasetsu 1-6
orange planet 1-2
st-dragon girl 1
honey hunt 1-5
kujibiki unbalanced 1
kamisama kazoku 1-2
haruka naru toki no naka de 1-4
fate stay night 1-4
miracle x magical 1-2
alice on deadlines 1-4
those who hunts elves 1-7
bakuretsu hunter 1-4
Black rose Alice 1-2
Nagatachou Strawberry 1-3
happy cafe 1-3
higurashi naku koro ni 1-8 (c)
stepping on roses 1-2
tail of the moon 1-15(c)
tail of the moon special 1 (C)
Liar game 1-4
Kamisama Kiss 1-16
Alice in the country of heart 1-6 (c)
Alice in the country of joker 1-7 (c)
ALice in the country of clover .... a bunch of them
les gouttes de dieux 1-2
detroit metal city 1-10 (c)
Kiss of the rose princess 1-9
hiyokoi 1-12
maid-sama 1-17 (c)
I am alice 1-3 (c)
midnight devil 1-5 (c)
31 I dream 1
sakura hime kaden 1-12 (c)

... I think that's all...
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Redsterfish|Professional General Artist

hahaha that´s only crazy just dove into this stuff :no:

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Wow! You've got a huge manga collection.
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JoeSketchConcepts-DA|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hope you got insurance for every book and video in this collection.
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Club-Dreamiverse|Hobbyist General Artist
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Rojeu|Student Digital Artist
boi you live like this?
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TheMurderousSaddle|Student General Artist
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cherryblossom004|Hobbyist General Artist
I want to live here 😍
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Otori-0|Student Artist
I need to live there.
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Extradarkpit|Hobbyist General Artist
Same. My mom is also a librarian so
Reply  ·  
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DeidaraAddict|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
holy $#!+ (excuse my profanity) have you read them all 
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Fario-P|Student Digital Artist
hooooooooly shit thats a damn nice collection
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*insert previous chat sparta remix here* xD I rly need a life
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Do-What-I-Say's avatar


XD LOL I need a life som1 pls halp ;-;
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Lexicona96|Hobbyist General Artist
I remember staying with a french student one year for a week...she introduced me to my favorite manga of all time "Ceres Celestial Legend", and introduced me to "Blackbird" as well.
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OtakuFangirl1200|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, Blackbird! That's the romance manga series, right? I think I remember reading Blackbird (but I'm not sure if you're talking about the same one). ^^;
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kittyface27|Hobbyist Digital Artist
imagine if there was an earthquake at your house. how long would it take you to reorganize all of them?
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careko|Student General Artist
alot lol!
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Kelsa20|Professional Digital Artist
it's like heaven,
but, there is no One Piece?????????
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careko|Student General Artist
sadly no, I read them from a friend... but now they have so many vols that I'm crying just thinking about buying them all
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Kelsa20|Professional Digital Artist
how much the cost for 1 vol One Piece in your country?
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careko|Student General Artist
about 11$ US.... + tax
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