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hey yall ive been gone for the past near week if ye havent noticed, normally I wouldnt make a public post about this but I do wanna take a lil about where i went because it was honestly the most amazing experience of my life

I went to a leadership programme in a college with my youth club (foroige) from people from other foroige groups around ireland (and some who came abroad with their schools)
I can say this has been the best experience of my life, I met tons of new people and friends who even tho id only known for a few days, felt like real family (cheesy but honestly so true)
I had never experienced a foroige conference before and its like THE perfect society.

people who Id never met before would come up to me while walking on campus and strike up a conversation with me

people whos names I didnt even know yet i would talk to like we had been friends for life

Guys wore makeup without being teased, people who would normally be rejected for being "weird" or whom had physical/mental disabilites were cheered on and treated like every other person

anyone who made a speech or was in the talent show and had gotten nervous and freezed up werent mocked, the crowd shouted encouragements to them and cheered for them until they recollected themselves

we had a "lip sync" battle where people had to dance and "lip sync" to a song they were given as a group competition, but you could tell people were doing it for fun and not to win 

on the last day, when people were leaving, everyone was crying and hugging each other, people i didnt even know came up to me and said "I dont know you but im going to hug you anyway" and everyone was comforting each other, it was the most emotionally moving thing ever as some of the people would never see each other again and couldnt come back to the conference next year due to age limits.

Most importantly tho I made TONS of new friends, mostly because the whole atmoshphere of the place and everyone in it had a "you can come up to me and talk to me about anything you want regardless of who you are" feel, the whole place just felt so happy and friendly and it was such a confidence boost to meet people like this
I was in group 6, we called ourselves "Magpies VI" (its from an irish myhth) and I honestly loved my group so much, they came up with nicknames for me, complimented my looks and abilities and made me feel like I could be whoever I wanted to around them.

I dont normally come out of my shell and im usually shy but these were the kind of people who made me want to start talking to them because they were just so friendly and open, even on the last day I hugged everyone because I wanted to, I have never been an emotional or affectionate person but knowing I wont see some of these amazing people ever again (some came from america and india) made me want to just hug them all, its hard for me to hug my best friends and family so I think you guys see how much of an impact and how much I loved these people if i went as far as to make sure I hugged all of the almost 20 people in my group despite only knowing them for less than a week.

Its nice to be back home, But ill never forget the friends and unforgettable memories I made this week and I already cant wait for next years one, It was like being at the perfect community for a week only to return back to your more realistic (and flawed) one. I wont be going through most of my notifications as Im pretty tired from the trip and have way too much so im sorry if I miss anything important. thanks for reading this, I know most people wont bother to but im going to talk about it anyway because im passionate haha

yall im gonna do artfight to try and get me back into art