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I really want to share my work in many languages so if you can help me share it
in others languages than english and french it would be great.;) (Wink) 

Leave comment if it has bugs.

I try every week to bring some improvements, I try to fix bugs.
let me know if you got suggestions and hope you like my work.
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What do we need to get GPU stats working?

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That`s great!!

However where is RAM Usage? 🤔

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Stylé, j'aime beaucoup

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i cant get musicbee to work. can u tell me if it needs any plugin?

Do you have any more updates?

Hey, I love the skin, it looks really cool on my desktop.  I'm wondering if you could make an RSS feed for it please?  Thanks!
I have MSI Afterburner installed but the gpu part still doesn't work.
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For some reason this skin is reporting my Ryzen 5 2600X as dual-core, rather than hexa-core.
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I have a few small suggestions for this skin. One, it'd be nice to be able to hide the WiFi Signal Strength info on the Network panel for people that have ethernet connections. Two, it'd be cool if the system uptime (how long since last reboot) was displayed somewhere, maybe on the System Basic Info panel. Three, if you could make it so when you click (or right click) on the recycle bin link, instead of opening the recycle bin folder, it empties the recycle bin. But it's a great skin, very clean looking. Screenshot:
Little error that would be good if it was fixed, Apple Music doesn't show any Artwork, but if I add it to my Libary it shows.
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Awesome skin. Just one issue on the system skin the location and IP address are not working. It appears the website being parsed ( is no longer live.
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Nice work with Nexa, I really love it. However, since last MSI Afterburner update, GPU is only showing 0% for all 3 categories.
Maybe the update as f*d up things a bit.

Thanks for your answer.
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Excellent theme, thanks, but IMHO, the best visual style and functionality here: https: //
I can't get my GPU stats to show, GPU temp is working fine, just not GPU usage. Using MSI Afterburner. Any ideas for a fix?
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Love this skin! But I need help. With the music player, it only seems to work with Spotify. I've tried musicbee and Foobar and it just doesn't work. Any way to fix this?

edit: nevermind! I finally got it working haha
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Man, how did you do that?
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Just a preview of what mine looks like, thanks for the amazing work
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Dude, what do you use to get that Destiny 2 animation on your desktop?! :D
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Wallpaper Engine, it's a 2560x1080p video of the Destiny class's, sorry for the late response
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This is superb Nexa - thanks for taking my feedback on board.
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Hey, first of all, absolutely love the look of this. Simple and clean. Using it on my second screen to provide a clean snapshot of things.

A couple questions...

1. Problem: I've got MSI Afterburner installed however I'm not seeing a change in the GPU stats. Both on the most current version. Any suggestions to troubleshoot?

2. Suggestion: You've got the IP address in the System Info area, but you've also got a Network Information panel, maybe the IP could be included in the regular Network Panel? Also, any chance to include the WIFI network name with the Signal Strength indicator?

3. Possible Bug: I've got a quad core processor, but the System Performance panel shows octa-core, even when I change it in the settings. Not sure if the name is provided by the settings or by CoreTemp.
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I fixed it, go into your documents/rainmeter/skins/nexa/Resources/Processors And open it (I used notepad++)
Then look for [MCore] and under there find yours (So because mine said Dual core look for the one that has Dual core and then change it)
So mine was [!SetOption LabelCPU Text "#Processor#  |  Dual-Core , now it's [!SetOption LabelCPU Text "#Processor#  |  Hexa-Core

Not really a fix, mostly just a work around, works perfectly fine tho

Also if it says processor before the dual core thing and you want it to show your processor name change the #Processor#, so for example IfMatchAction2=[!SetOption LabelCPU Text "Ryzen 5 1600  |  Hexa-Core
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Thanks for the response, I was absolutely able to edit the file to add the actual text I wanted to show as a work around. What's curious is that in digging in a little more it would seem that String=%NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS% actually seems to be pulling threads in my case and not cores (I run an Intel Core i7700k, quad core, 8 thread), in my case showing octa core, which I would assume means it's pulling thread count. 
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