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for a world more furry!!
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Candle Mini Pixel by Gasara Candle Mini Pixel by GasaraThe altar for well done work! Candle Mini Pixel by Gasara Candle Mini Pixel by Gasara





Danilo Corrêa
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Simple Candelabra (White Candles) by AngelicHellraiser:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider6plz::iconblackdivider7plz::iconblackdivider8plz::iconblackdivider9plz: Simple Candelabra (White Candles) by AngelicHellraiser

Candle Mini Pixel by GasaraGood evening dear visitor! Candle Mini Pixel by Gasara
Be welcome to my little realm in the digital world...
Let me introduce myself...
My name is Danilo Corrêa , but you can call me Dan, I'm a hobbyist artist and a anthropomorphism enthusiast, thats a fancy name to furry by the way 8V

My artwork is purely for fun and my personal realization, I sometimes do commissions, if you have any interest you can ask if I'm doing them!
In my gallery, you can found a large variety of themes, I'm always trying some new stuff a way or another!
So here you can find:
Cute pregnant ladies!
Muscled manly males!
Chubby thicc milfs!
Big butts!
Armour and weapons of many kinds and eras!
Goth and victorian stuff
Unnecessarily flamboyant vampires! 8D

I only do trades in some specific moments and if I like your art.

And no I DON'T do rp!

Feel free to give some constructive criticism, and ask questions about my work, I love to answer questions about my artwork! ^,...,^

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Gothic Bat Candle (Purple) by AngelicHellraiser:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider6plz::iconblackdivider7plz::iconblackdivider8plz::iconblackdivider9plz: Gothic Bat Candle (Purple) by AngelicHellraiser

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I just noticed the sudden explosion of views on my profile today...SOMETHING IS WRONG!!! 8U
I will close them in 2 days, I need the money but I will travel next week and will be out for almost a month, so if you have interest in the last slot this is the last chance!!
Her Beloved Master
"- So you came the good minion you are...
- I came back for you my master...I love you, I need you....
- OF COURSE you need are worthless without me.
- I have been a good mother as you commanded...none of my sisters suspect of anything.
- excellent, the last thing I need is draw attention of the inquisition.
- I understand my master...but I believe a crusader priest is investigating me.
- calm down master!! I did nothing wrong I swear!! ...this priest is just smarter than the others...
- seems like I will have to deal with him soon...doesn't matter....stay hidden and don't do anything stupid, judging by the size, you will give birth in less than a month so it will probably not be a challenge even for someone stupid as you....and remember, if anything happen to my children I will skin you alive and salt your flesh before throw you to the dogs!
-everything will be alright my master...I will bring your children to this world and we will be a happy family!....right?
- yes....of course....a very happy family..."

poor beletian girls, the urge to be good wives and healthy mothers make they very vulnerable to the corruption of demon princes that roam the land çwç
Commission 15
Commision done for :iconsouthpawlynx:  o/

I know this is the first commission that I post and its the number 15, its because I do a lot of stuff in private. :V

Holy Meat
Dan is a exibicionist with his front, but doesn't like people beholding his meaty back atributes :U

this is an old drawing part of an ref I still working on XD
Commissions are closed!

Terms of service:

I don't draw: Scat,fart,watersports,diaper, hyper of any kind (I draw really big but not hyper),abortion, bursting,Fnaf,sonic,mlp, big prey small pred on vore.

(This list can include more items I don't know yet or don't remember, in this case you need to ask me.)

I May draw in some conditions: Humans,vore (oral and unbirth only ), Inflation , gore, rape/noncon , hard bdsm, underaged characters, birth.

I totally draw: pregnancy (and mpreg) ,impregnation,egg laying, thick (male and female), chubby, muscle, shemale/herm,femboy,cuntboy, cum inflation (or just lots of cum ), bondage, bloodplay, rough sex,incest.

Themes I'm familiar with: Armour both fantasy and historically accurate, steampunk,dieselpunk, any kind of weapon, fantasy and historical clothing,latex, pregnancy(mpreg too!) ,Thick females and males, muscled males.


-I need clear references of the characters/clothing/equipment (ref sheets, complete drawings ) if the characters are being done for the first time, I need a reference (can be a photo or artwork ) of a body type similar to the desired characters.

-All additional costs and discounts are calculated in the BASE prices.

-Portrait: is a bust, the drawing goes until the mid of the chest.

-Half body goes until the hips.

-Full body: self explanatory.

-Object complexity is based on my personal criteria, it depends on several small factors my familiarity and skill to draw the object in question.

-I reserve the right to refuse to work on any commission for any reason, if I didn't accepted/received the payment yet.

- Time estimated to finish is hard to predict, you will be notified when I start, I personally never took more than 2 weeks to finish a piece.

- Take a good look at my other artworks in my galeries, have sure that my style is what you want,I don't mimic others artist style.

-At least half of the payment before I start.(exception: commissions below $9,00 need to be fully paid before I start due the transference taxes ) but I really appreciate full payment.

-I send updates after the sketch, line art, flat color, and after the shading, considerable changes from the original idea during any part of the process will be charged according to the complexity.

-The original sketch/line art (in paper) will NOT be shipped.

- The original psd file will NOT be sent, only the finished piece.

-My method of working is mixed media, the line art is done in paper and the coloring is done on digital media, I don't do full digital line art neither color with traditional methods.

- Every update is sent with a watermark seal to prevent scam.

-If you give up in the middle of the piece for any reason I will retain the payment as compensation. NO REFUNDS IF YOU GIVE UP AFTER I STARTED TO WORK ON YOUR PIECE!!

- If you post the artwork on any other social media I will be glad if given credit by the artwork (this really helps )

-Later editions by other artists are allowed but credit me on the post.

- Refunds will happen in case I become completely unable to finish the piece, or if you give up BEFORE I start.


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