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This project will provide you a canvas to immortalize your experiences in an e-book anthology, a collaborative collection of our own calls from Cthulhu. You can tell a story from your favorite campaign, write some fan fiction, share a poem, submit a picture of your art, or even transcribe the words that Cthulhu himself told you in your feverish dreams.

At the end of the book, each participant will be able to share a biography. The hope is to create a Lovecraftian type of correspondence between fantasy horror artists.


One Halloween while I was living in Hawaii, I was lucky enough to get invited into the biggest nerd-fest I’d ever been a part of. My friends roped me into my first “Call of Cthulhu” tabletop gaming campaign. We had to battle the perverse machinations of a body-swapping sorcerer and his brotherhood of dark-robed cultists as they attempted to summon a creature from deep space! Even though we had to cut our game short – due to an island-wide, ironically-timed tidal wave warning – I’ve loved the Lovecraftian genre ever since. There is nothing like the thrill of terror in attempting to thwart dark plans while trying to maintain your own sanity.

Since that time, I’ve come to realize that H.P. Lovecraft has inspired countless readers and writers to imagine worlds we can’t comprehend with our rational minds, where knowing the truth will literally drive us insane.

The world of Lovecraft helps us realize the scope of the unknown. As humans, we tend to pretend we are powerful and in control of this world. However, in comparison to the rest of the universe, the dark spaces where our dreams only allude to and our minds can only wonder about, humanity is just a speck in the cosmos.


  • Each person who submits something for the crowdsourced anthology will be put in the running to be a part of our paid, follow up book.
  • We will invite the 10 best visual artists as well as the 10 best authors to participate in the published book that we will sell in a limited run through Kickstarter.
  • 50% of all net profit will be evenly distributed evenly to each author and artist (2.5% of profits)
  • The other 50% of profits will be distributed to authors and artists, portions being dependent on how many people they bring into the Kickstarter.
  • This will make sure all creators are compensated while rewarding the people that are able to market it the most.
  • As part of the Kickstarter video, each author might be asked to submit a short clip of themselves if they wish.


The final product will be a e-book that lookS like the image below.


The paid version will be available as a printed book as well as a downloadable PDF.

If you are interested, please visit our website here  and sign up. All of the rules and deadlines are listed. 

This project/contest is a chance for you to share your own memorable experiences with Lovecraft’s mythos, whether that be from reading about cyclopean cities or blasphemic creatures in his stories, adventuring through sinister tabletop gaming campaigns, or enjoying trendy, tentacle-laced art.

“In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.” 


Cardiff Tabletop
United States
Cardiff Tabletop was started on a dare from a professor at BYU-Hawaii. Justin Cardiff was taking a class on crowdfunding and had the awful idea to make a male model calendar for his end of the semester project. Luckily his professor challenged him to do something better and his first project “Wizards Duel” was born. After “Wizards Duel” got over 3 times it’s goal the company was started and strives to bring it’s customers a creative fun experience with every product we sell.


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