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Princess Luna-Themed Xbox 360 Controller



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Button Mash X360 Controller --
(Wallpaper by me; Button Mash vector by

This controller commemorates the currently defunct YouTube series "Button Mash Adventures" by animator JanAnimations. There are residual videos on YouTube depicting the greatness that once was.

To totally appreciate the controller, please watch a very short video on Button Mash's brief debut here:… and the music video parody that was the inspiration for this controller:… .

The body of the controller was painted with a brown base to represent Button Mash's coat. In the lower right hand corner, our favorite pony draws a sword as seen in the music video parody, "Don't Mine At Night" (vector by On the back, the battery pack sports the apple juice box he was well known for sipping during his short stint on the internet (juice box borrowed and adjusted from the vector by The bumper and trigger buttons were colored two different shades of orange to best represent his awesome mane. The green thumbsticks help attract your eye to the custom-painted D-pad that is reminiscent of the logo on his bookbag, which is seen during the opening seconds of the pilot episode.

The guide button in the center represents Button Mash's twirly hat, and depicts the view of the hat as you look down on it from above. The LEDs were kept green to represent the tiny propeller perpetually twirling above his head.

EDIT: JAN and SHADYVOX are SIGNING this remote and is going to be auctioned off at Brony Expo in Canada this summer!

EDIT 2: JAN and SHADYVOX love it!!!  Thank you guys!!!!



Sorry, forgot to mention that you can let Chris know that the controller is simply amazing and me and Shady feel both really honored for what he did.

Also here is the picture with the autographs right below.


It's ALSO on the official BRONYEXPO website here!!!!!!:
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That's really cool