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Snowy8 for Windows 8/8.1



Supports ALL COLORS!

Supports Windows 8 & 8.1 x86/x64.

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Attention! In Windows 8.1 Microsoft has added an underlay behind the text on windows. You can try Aero Glass to avoid this, another way - hide titles.

Update #11 12.08.2014: Fixed modern apps minimize/maximize bug. Fixed tiles cut off bug when moving on the Start Screen.

Update #10 10.07.2014: Added version with glass borders.
Update #9 24.06.2014: Fixed graphical issue.
Update #8 30.04.2014: Changes for better usability.
Update #7 05.04.2014: Added Windows 8.1 Update 1 compatible.
Update #6 23.03.2014: Removed versions with black titles and flat windows. Added shadows to windows.
Update #5 17.12.2013: Removed Glass borders version. Added versions with black titles.
Update #4 23.11.2013: Small graphical improvements and usability changes.
Update #3 07.11.2013: Minor changes in Glass borders version. Returned back separator in menu.
Update #2 29.10.2013: Replaced background of address bar with transparent image to smooth IE bug. Changed highlight color.
Update #1 27.10.2013: Fixed jumplist bug.

Installation: See ReadMe.txt.
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