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Snowy8 for Windows 8/8.1

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By Carborunda   |   
Published: October 27, 2013

Supports ALL COLORS!

Supports Windows 8 & 8.1 x86/x64.

In action: · · · · · ·

Attention! In Windows 8.1 Microsoft has added an underlay behind the text on windows. You can try Aero Glass to avoid this, another way - hide titles.

Update #11 12.08.2014: Fixed modern apps minimize/maximize bug. Fixed tiles cut off bug when moving on the Start Screen.

Update #10 10.07.2014: Added version with glass borders.
Update #9 24.06.2014: Fixed graphical issue.
Update #8 30.04.2014: Changes for better usability.
Update #7 05.04.2014: Added Windows 8.1 Update 1 compatible.
Update #6 23.03.2014: Removed versions with black titles and flat windows. Added shadows to windows.
Update #5 17.12.2013: Removed Glass borders version. Added versions with black titles.
Update #4 23.11.2013: Small graphical improvements and usability changes.
Update #3 07.11.2013: Minor changes in Glass borders version. Returned back separator in menu.
Update #2 29.10.2013: Replaced background of address bar with transparent image to smooth IE bug. Changed highlight color.
Update #1 27.10.2013: Fixed jumplist bug.

Installation: See ReadMe.txt.
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WolfenSGHobbyist Photographer
One superb theme!!!
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plan to port this theme to win 10?
jomi21's avatar
how to download sir?
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make this for windows 10 v1607?
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Ради этой темы пришлось удалить каталист и накатить кримсон, а то каталист вылетал с ошибкой. То ли из за темы, то ли из-за рег.файла, разбираться не стал, уж больно темка хороша. Спасибо!
Ckopn1oH's avatar
Привет, спасибо за такую красоту. Не подскажешь как сместить заголовки окон влево?
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Суперская тема! Нужно еще что-то подобное в темных тонах.
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even with the limitations you point out - as the best theme on win8 it has to be worth porting to win10 - most of it works - the only problem i have is a bit of graphics corruption on the right click menu - the highlighting is wrong and text stays bold - if that could be fixed and maybe the windows border reduced to a minimum it would be up there with the best again

i have tried to fix the menu corruption but dont know where to look - also cannot find the border setting - a few hints and tips would be great if you finally decide not to port it 
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CarborundaHobbyist Interface Designer
Important information for everyone!

In Windows 10 Microsoft has deleted all taskbar resources from .msstyles file including jumplists, clock & audio mixer area. Other elements of the system: Start menu, Notification panel, Universal apps windows - are not customizable too.

So, I see no reason to port Snowy8 on Windows 10. 
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StartIsBack ++ fixes the taskbar bug itself whilst using a Custom Theme so you can still customize it if you have StartIsBack ++ installed...
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CarborundaHobbyist Interface Designer
I know about this. Taskbar is a customizable now, but not fully, only background is available, and it is enough. But the new problem is that Microsoft updates .msstyles file on every major update, so I will need to completely rebuild my style two times per year. That's not good and will take a lot of time.
But here is another way - WindowBlinds 10. It is now in closed beta and it allows to fully customize taskbar, has build-in window tranparency and once created style will work on every new Win10 build.
If I will start to port my VS on Win10, I will notify people here. But now, I am waiting when software and win10 will be not so raw.
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You could still make custom Msstyles for Startisback. Longhorn Revealed 10 takes advantage of this and it works really well.
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i just tried the theme on Windows 10, looking nice)
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What program do you use to disable Ribbon bar?
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I try OldNewExplorer 1.0.6 but it doesn't work.
It give me a white screen and i have to restart the Virtual Machine.
drakulaboy's avatar
there is a new version, 1.1.5
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CarborundaHobbyist Interface Designer
Looks terrible. And as I said, and as you can see, a lot of elements are not customizable.
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Here is my win10 desktop with Snowy.

Edit: It's a VM only for test your theme, but looks amazing
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WOW! That's incredible
XPN1's avatar
Too sad :(
I think i stay longer on Win 8.1 for this reason.
Man, your theme is AWESOME.
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No chance for a barebones version, just the gradient taskbar, start button maybe. I'm willing to donate for it makes a huge difference for me and many other.
Thanks in advance for a reply.
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