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Snowy v1.3


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This is a great theme one of the best infact... it work great on windows 8.1 x64, many thanks :)
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Для винды 8.1 удастся пофиксить? Ниже вам уже писали про 8.1, но не знаю писал ли кто-то конкретно. На первый взгляд кидается в глаза проблема с заголовками окон. При том, у эксплорера все в порядке.
И хочется, что бы неактивные окна не выцветали. Не знаю возможно ли это.
А так, тема конечно же отличная.
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блин, не в ту тему написал. ))
where is download link
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have you looked to the right side from here?
where is download link
where is download link
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where is download link
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I just installed it following the directions, the theme appears fine but no start button. I'm using Win8 64 bit.
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Thanks, very nice work it best theme.
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I need this for windows 7 badly! please
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Nice work! Reminds me of Soft7!
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In the future could you please include the date you update the visual style, so everyone can know if it's new or current. For example i'm not sure if im using 1.2 or 1.3. Deviantart has no revision system so it's impossible to know when it's been updated.
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awesome theme !!
great work !!
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Thanks very very much for this theme! Looks great!!
I wonder if there's any possibilities to have, in a future update, the windows shadows
отличная тема, земляк!
I want to edit a blue my taste.
program with that edit their themes?
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