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Charming for Windows 8/8.1


Designed only for standard DPI!

Supports Windows 8 & 8.1 x86/x64.

Installation: See ReadMe.txt.

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best one. there are others too but this gives the modern feel

Not bad, but not the one i'm looking for

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Hello man i installed it on my windows 8.1 and when i select the theme nothing happens, it's a blank basic theme from windows. Any idea how can i fix that ?

You need creat restal point and donwload Uxstyle for your Windows ( x32 or x64)

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Would you be able to tell me what I can change in regedit to have the same gray text highlight, system space and that kind of stuff? And the exact RGB for those since I'm using windows 10 and the blue really annoys me.
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Important information for everyone!

In Windows 10 Microsoft has deleted all taskbar resources from .msstyles file including jumplists, clock & audio mixer area. Other elements of the system: Start menu, Notification panel, Universal apps windows - are not customizable too. 

So, I see no reason to port Charming on Windows 10. 
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That sucks.
-1 Windows 10
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thanks for this awfully nice theme Wink/Razz Love But a little problem is search panel becomes black when focused. Please fix it. 
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I don't have this bug. It's a problem with your system.
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Hi, awesome theme, I am using it for about year. Can you make this one with dark Title bar & Borders? :)
looks nice mate, but after some windows updates something went wrong with the caption buttons (minimize button):
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I installed all updates for my Win 8.1 and nothing changed. All 3 buttons have the same size. 
Not sure why it suddenly looked like that, I tried to delete it and and re-copy it again to Resources\Themes folder but it still look the same :S
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I hope you'll port this on Windows 10 when the final version will be released :D
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looking forward to it :D
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there is no window border and when I have two windows opened there is no visible border between them because all is the same color and everything looks merged :/ but it's anyway the most perfect theme I ever seen!
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Awesome. If I would have win8 I would have surely gone for it!!
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If the close-max-min button was metro style instead of mac style, that would be great. 
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Классный стиль! Отличная работа! Спасибо!)
Great style! Nice work! Thanks!)
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Like the black :D
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Очень круто! А для 7-ки можно как-нибудь?
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