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the ugly organist

the ugly organist
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Featured in my weekly surprise box.
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This is going to the favs. wow this is amazing!!
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It's great,I love it.
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this is the best thing i have ever seen.
this is freakin amazing!
Cuursive. You portrayed this beautifully.
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Nice drawing ^^ I like her teeth
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This is kinda awesome.

The Ugly Organ is a great album, and a I'm probably gonna think of this picture like every time I listen to it now.
Great work.
Definate fav.
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That is the COOLEST thing I have ever seen!!
Love the color, the idea, the poetry in it all. Creepy and intriguing.
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This reminds me of an old bugs bunny cartoon. The episode when bigs gets mixed up with an italian mob and theyre naming off the mobsters. (pinhead, hammer head...etc)
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great job! i like it :D
Funky. I'm digging your shading method and green tones.
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really nice!
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this is so cool!
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dang, this is awesome.

i love cursive..
what did you use?
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I really like this! Its fabulous.... I was wondering what is that coming out his mouth?
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heh. i love cursive too. that picture is pretty sweet man. you're great.
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Wow. That's so nice!
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This is amazing.
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