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sun day fundays - sunstone fanart - pt1


I've been a huge fan of Stjepan Sejic's - sunstone  for a really long time. It was actually that very story that reached me and make me dare work on erotic art and talk about my own fetish. A Huge thanks to Stjepan who has been an inspiration for a long long time.
I hope I hit the tone of comedy romance relationship & pinup and do his work justice.

Please check out shiniez and spread the word via…

And think about supporting him at

HI-res version for free at

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Funny and kinky, yes there is definitly sunstone soul in this. Beautiful comic

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It's amazing the community that's sprung up around Sunstone. But it's even better that artists like you give their own spin. Terrific!

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Well i always wanted to give back sth and it took me a while until i dared taking on the project and giving it a spin. But youre absolutely right sunstone did a lot for liberating a lot of nerds and we ll be thankfull for a long time.

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Hehehe Sunstone was fun~

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Love it, if only my day outs were as good.

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We ll i always take outdoor stuff like camping as a good reminder of how good sleeping in a comfty bed is XD

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