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Pokemon Raider: Lara Croft Pokemon Trainer



Ok I spent a long time making this!!! There's a lot of edited bits but I almost 100% stuck to using Tomb Raider Underworld mesh parts, just for authenticity. I used the belt, belt loops, buckle, boots, legs and turtleneck sweater from the Fashion Winner outfit, and then combined that with the bottom of the Jungle Shorts T-shirt to make the top Lara's wearing, as well as the shorts which I made MUCH shorter and completely redid the textures of. The jacket is the Jungle Heavy jacket but opened up. I also shortened the sleeves, obviously. The backpack is edited from the standard TRU backpack only with one strap. The gloves are just gloves. 'Nuff said.

I made the pokeballs myself!!! I textured them and built them all by hand, I'm so amazing what can I say.

The hair I rotated around so it's on the side, also the 'flow' of Lara's head hair was moved so it comes round to there instead of being at the back :D

The hat is from Ellis by :iconjhonyhebert: Thanks very much!!I retextured it and added different bump maps and a new specular map.

The pokedex isn't included, it's just Lara's TRU PDA resized in XNALara and painted red. I added on the screen later.

You can DL here:…
There is a problem with the backpack strap, I'm too tired to care about fixing it but where I used the left bag strap and dragged it over the other shoulder, it's still attached to her left shoulder at the top. Like I say, not fussed now. It's actually quite minor so I'm not all that bothered!!! Soz ;)

EDIT: Forgot to add, thanks to :iconxnaaral: it's now possible to have more than one UV map for a model which is revolutionary for lightmaps!! As such I added lightmaps where they were not possible before, mainly on the hair here. I'll be using them a lot more in the future!!!! 
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She like the rival in a Pokemon Sandbox with Pokemon Stadium's battle system.