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March 4, 2011
Suggester said; "Between the cracked rocks and the tree swayed by the wind, this is a really striking photo! The dramatic lighting and dark colours also give this scene a post-apocalyptic feel - a desolate yet amazing landscape."

Weathering Heights by ~Caravela
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Weathering Heights

Wind withered tree in limestone fields on Twistleton Scar End, Yorkshire Dales, England.

The title Weathering Heights is a play on words from the famous book 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Brontë. The novel is named after the Yorkshire manor on the moors on which the story centres (wuthering is a Yorkshire word referring to turbulent weather).

The windswept tree is a common site around these parts due to their unsheltered location and exposure to the often harsh environment so common on these moors, particularly in winter! The limestone rock doesn't escape either, as you can clearly see the effects of the chemical process known as carbonation, resulting in the distinctive appearence of limestone known as clints and grykes. These are formed when rainwater flowing over an impermeable surface on reaching (permeable) limestone, dissolves the joints into grooves called grykes, leaving blocks or clumps of limestone in between called clints!

I'm sure there are experts out there that may dissagree with me on that, but that's about as much as I know on the subject anyway!!! :-)

I recently won a competition online with this image, on dpchallenge:
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I used your amazing background here ~~~>

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(I wonder if you speak portuguese =) )
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Sim falo portugues (e sou portugues!), mas nao muinto bem! :-(
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Escreve Português melhor do que muitos brasileiros com certeza! :D
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loved the book, the 200 adaption and this picture!!! awesome capture... :clap:
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Fabulous capture!
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this is exactly michael muntons' painting. :O beautiful
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Hi, I've just looked at the painting in question - amazed at the similarity, definately not a coincidence! He must have come upon my photograph and decided to make a painting from it, which I suppose makes me feel quite proud that someone obviously likes my work enough to want to use it for reference, albeit in painting form on this occasion. I am a bit peeved though that its a direct copy; the whole point of being an artist is to stamp your own sensibility and imagination into your work. A copy doesn't make you an artist. Apart from it obviously being a copy of my work, the other tell tale sign that he used my photo is the fact that mine was taken in twistleton scar end, ingleborough and not in malham cove which he makes reference to! Now, I don't know whether legaly he's done anything wrong, a viewpoint afterall can't be copyrighted, but you can clearly tell it's like for like, so if anybody has any insight into the legal ramifications I would very much appreciate any advice on this.
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Well first you should know Michael Munton is a Bob Ross Certified Instructor, (you can also say: amazing painter), so proud you should be. I think it ain't legal, but you won't be able to tell he used your photograph. What Michael Munton does is making exact copies to show the reality the way it is.
I think you should just contact him, you can leave a message on his movies on youtube (miccart33) wich he, as far as I know, always responds to. Ask him if he used your picture and if he says he does ask him to refer to you at the painting.

Best of Luck, and keep up the beautiful photographs!
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beautiful... :)
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I just wanted to let you know that this has been featured in the APN Daily Deviations - March 2011 news article

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Many thanks and gratitude for the feature! :-)
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great work


visit my gallery and comment pff </ b>
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Hi, you've been featured in my journal: [link]
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