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Prehistorical Quiver and Arrows - Rahan



As a preview for the next shoot ;)
Another one for Rahan.

I made a quiver with a signle deer skin.
The straps are goat/ sheep skin, Breaded for the belt part

For the arrow, I didn't do the head, i've buy them, I've just glued them with "rawhide glue" , + I used  artificial tendons as rope.
Same for the feathers, but I admit this time, I used also modern glue for help me before I use the "rawhide glue".
The feathers themselves are crow, and cockerel.

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These are fabulous!!!! Very well done!!!! I love the fact that every little detail is taken into consideration. I also like the fact that you were honest with the fact that you had help from "modern glue" before the "rawhide glue", and that the arrowheads were purchased. It certainly doesn't take away from this. I would sware I was looking at something found in a museum (except much cleaner).

The quiver itself is very nicely done as well, and looks complete with the arrows. The different color feathers make them stand out, as I would think back in the day it would be hard to come cross enough feathers to make them all match (unless you hunted the bird)

I think this is probably my 2nd favorite thing you've done.