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Lordaeron Captain Helmet - Human Alliance Warcraft

By Carancerth
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Yes !
I did finish it in time for the shooting !
That will be the first teaser you'll have from this big shooting ;)

I did there :
The brass wings
The locks on the side of the helmet
The suport for the ponytail, and the ponytail itself (Using wigs from Arda Wigs)

Coat of Plaques - Metal,  Fabric, Leather Armor by Carancerth Captain Shield - Lordaeron Warcraft, human by Carancerth Footman Shield - Lordaeron Warcraft by Carancerth 

Lordaeron Footman of the human Alliance Warcraft by Carancerth The light is your Strength, Paladin by Carancerth The people of Lordaeron  Warcraft Alliance Militia by Carancerth

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For Lordaeron ! 8D 
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I take it you enjoy parading about in your winged knights helm?
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It's not even me XD I did it for my  captains XD 
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It's meant for imperial guards
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God damn it I can't get enough of the old school Warcraft cosplays you do. The aesthetic was so much better compared to today. These days warcraft armor looks like something out of a bad anime.
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Hahaha =D
No worries, I have plenty left ;)
ho YES the general look was.. far FARRR better... ^^"
I could just agree with you.... Obviously you guess were my heart belong =D
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Fucking Awesome! Amazing My good Sir.
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Turned out so cool! Really amazing piece!!! :iconlaplz: 
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Thank you =D
Glad you enjoyed my humble work on brass =D
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The side wings look stunning, man! Looking forward to seeing the whole set. :) 
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Thanks a lot =D
It start today, and every week you'll have an update ;)
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Amazing work! I am so glad you got it done in time. Love the brass rivets how they look like stars. Fantastic detail.
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=D Yes I did try to ad as much as possible to this special piece of equipment ;)
Soon you'll see it in action =D
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How exciting! Can't wait. :)
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dude that one is so beautiful :o
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