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Forest Elves in the Village

As you've probably never seen this costume that way...
It will provide you another POV about it ;)

:camera: Photo by Thibaut Schenkel :
May 2009, Marles, France

At first it was an elf inspired by Tolkien's work.
But then I used this garb for a movie.

The movie is called "Les seigneurs d'Outre Monde"
You can take a look at their web pages:

Facebook :…
Website :…

For some trailers………

An Elf in the Village by Carancerth Elf : Shooting by Carancerth

Here I Stand - Mirkwood Elf - Middle Earth by Carancerth Come and get me ! by Carancerth Sunlight in Mirkwood by Carancerth A Call In The Forest - Middle Earth - Mirkwood Elf by Carancerth

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Thank you.
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What's the base layer?  A tunic?  And do you have any suggestions for where to find a similar one?  I love it but cannot find anything that works for me.
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Basic layer is a Linen shirt ^^
Well I can advise you to do it yourself ;)
That way you will personalise it at your convenience !
Sairendipity's avatar
Umm, I have no sewing skills... and that's made out of linen?  But it looks so soft!

So I will need to buy one lol
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This is very nice
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Wow this costume is great with awesome details. Also the location and view on the costum work very good to present it. Just amazingly done! :)
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Thanks a lot =D
I do have to agree: location is a important part for create a real ambiance for give life to a costume/character ;)
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Hmm, hmm!
This is fabulous!
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I tried to think of ways of expressing what I felt about this costume. How the many layers makes it look so gorgeous.
How much I like the fact that it looks pretty well balanced with the amount of protection to movability and pure awesomeness.
Or how badly I wish I could make things like this.

Instead heres my actual thought... "This costume gives my lady-parts a boner."
Thanks :P
Love it.
Carancerth's avatar
Thanks a lot for the compliment =D

hahaha XD "lady part boner" haahaaa
Fun, NP
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Magnifique ! Le costume est splendide et l'environnement le met bien en valeur :) 
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