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Arthas, a look from death.

By Carancerth
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Our Trailer for "Warcraft - War on Lordaeron" is out o/ > :spotlight-left: :spotlight-right: 

This pic has been taken during the promotional event for Myst Of Pandaria in Paris.

Picture by "Pikashoot"

Pixidols was a partner, here is my account on their website ;)…

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Great made! I love your face expression. And all the fantastic clothes, awesome! 
Carancerth's avatar
Thanks a lot again =D 
Glad you're enjoying all this ^_^
TheDawnbaronsGuard's avatar
No problem! Your artwork is fantastic!
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Truly cosplay of this character! Armor looks a little wrong, but anyway. Better than most of cosplay I've seen.
Carancerth's avatar
Thanks a lot =)
I admit this is not as good as it could be ^^"
I hope to be able to give you a better death knight in some years ;)
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Hnnn..You always know how to make fantastic cosplays!
and look excellent in them
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Many thanks ^_^
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You're welcome! (:
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I actually remember this guy now. Great Cosplay.
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This looks great :D You look just like Arthas even! Did you make that armor yourself?
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Thanks you ^^ I always try to choose character I can look like ;)
I have jsut edit it.; I'm working on making my hown ;)
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I think Moss means that your facial structure looks damn near spot on to Arthas' own.
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