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Arthas: Paladin W.I.P. 1

Our Trailer for "Warcraft - War on Lordaeron" is out o/ > :spotlight-left: :spotlight-right:

-upload with "better" colors ... but it's not that good... the next picture will have more stuff and probably a better look-

Here you can see where I am on this day concerning the Paladin armor & outfit for Arthas.

Excuse me for the bad quality picture...
It was bad day with shitty lighting in a week full of rain.

I just have Frostmourne, to have something in my hands ^^
And also, because, Arthas take Frostmourne in northrend as a paladin.

The Hammer will be done too, don't worry.
I still have a lot of work to do....
The garb must be finished for Japan Expo, in July 2012

Gambeson tailor-made by Matuls>…

Warcraft 3 Militia V1.0 by Carancerth Arthas as Death Knight - 1st step by Carancerth Arthas walk into Northrend by Carancerth Arthas in Northrend by Carancerth
Lordaeron's Shields by Carancerth Warcraft: Lordaeron Militia Weapons by Carancerth

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Thank you.
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The steel looks GREAT! The gloves and boots are nice, the sword is perfect, and the overall vision is really nice; you can definitely pull off the Arthas look! I'm not a huge fan of the tunic thing you have, however. It looks rather puffy and I don't think I love the material either. One of the hardest things, I find, when doing cosplays is choosing the proper fabric both for aesthetics and also for realism. This particular fabric has the riht colors, but I don't think the looks is entirely accurate - maybe it's just the lighting but the fabric looks far too 21st-century to me, and I would have liked a more medieval tunic.

Again, great work overall.
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Steel always look great o/

The tunic is a padded gambeson, so yes it looks puffy most of the time ^^
This fabric is 100% accurate it's linen for the gambeson ;)

Anyway yes.. you're right for find "the good fabric"

This prototype will be completly changed for another one ;)

Incoming soooon!
(updates on FB to ;) )
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One of the most godlike cosplays I have seen in my life.
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Thanks a lot man =D 
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Judging from your devotion, you might be interested in this, to introduce your friends - if not for yourself:

It's the outcome of three months of solo work.
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I feel like if Arthas was a real person who lived in the middle ages this was what he would look like.
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Thanks =)
Even if there I wasn"t quite satisfied with the final result... Something better will come around ;)
And there is already better things to see in my gallery ;)
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this is pretty cool. well done!
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Thanks a lot =D o/ get it touch for se progres ;)
Before the movie is released for suuure
I'm making an Arthas paladin, but when I see your work... I just want to forget my little project and make something epic like you did! By the Light, you're a perfect Arthas!! And, on your cape, the Lordearon thing is painted or sewn? And I repeat, I know, but you made the best Arthas I've ever seen. (How can I make some decent thing for my cosplay when at the Japan Expo 2012 there was a real Arthas... Well, thanks, know I'm scared! :P )
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thats a pretty cool Idea for a Arthas Cosplay :) looks more realistic then the ingame model :P I really like it^^
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Thanks a lot =)
This is just an old try.. trust me, what's coming is the bomb...

Realistic things are always my choice, and armor, are armors... Not a plastic desguise x)
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I'm looking forward for your next cosplay ! :D 
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This looks amazing!^^
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This looks horrible compared to the version wich will be there for 2015 ;)
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I realy love how you kept the "old warcraft" style! I dont know, the WoW armors are too unreal for me :D
Carancerth's avatar
Sorry but yes thoses wow kind armor look like anykind of random poor fantasy...

THe very first warcraft are truely medieval inspired, and much more realistic...
Wich is one of the good things we have in thoses games... LikE them soo much <3
Dwarfish-beer's avatar
oh hell yes :D I realy miss the rough medieval fantasy like warcraft was in the old days, though warcraft 1/2 are older then I am :D
Im pleased to see someone sharing my opinions 
Carancerth's avatar
My pleasure ;)
Hope you'll enjoy the other costumes/ character wich will arrive in here !
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looks amazing!
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Whoa, if this is only tries, I'm curious to know how it'll turn out with the velvets and 'real' fabrics. :D
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it will be just awesome *_*
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You are the best Paladin Arthas I've seen in a while~ :D Great job.
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