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Aiming for a Deadly Task - Forest Elf

Last pic for this serie o/

:camera: Photo by Thibaut Schenkel :
May 2009, Marles, France

At first it was an elf inspired by Tolkien's work.
But then I used this garb for a movie.

The movie is called "Les seigneurs d'Outre Monde"
You can take a look at their web pages:

Facebook :…
Website :…

For some trailers………

Beetween Houses, there is an Elf by Carancerth Forest Elves in the Village by Carancerth An Elf in the Village by Carancerth Elf : Shooting by Carancerth

  Come and get me ! by Carancerth Sunlight in Mirkwood by Carancerth

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Please, do not use my photos without my consent.
Thank you.
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Super cool clothing! :la:
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This actually looks very good! Nice job. :3
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Wow! Fantastic outfit, and I especially like the shaped thigh guards for style. The one brightly-fletched arrow is certainly an eyecatcher - bad for going unnoticed but great for drama. And of course the great re-creation site really makes a great setting for your cosplay here.

Where is this site? I live in the central US and don't get to travel much, and have never actually seen this detailed a close picture of wattle-and-daub construction, nor known that some peoples topped their thatched roof with turves (which makes complete sense, now that I see it), as opposed to using just one or the other.
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Thanks =D
Glad you liked it ^^
For the arrow.. I tried different things at that time... Just that =p
I still like the striped ones... kinda natural pattern ;)
I admit a good set make a loooooot of differences o/

This is in France, Marles, an archeo-parc concerning the dark ages =)
But in america you've got much more awesome landscape free of modern building/structures =) wich is great too!
Cool! Thanks for the details, too!
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What movie was this used for?
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Thank you; I must have missed them. :)
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