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Shiftin' Feels Good, Man

Where wolf?

There, wolf!
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i like the description. it could be a title
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Amazing work!! I like the variety of version about the werewolf topic
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damn right it does!
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There castle. Great fur and pose on this one, luv it :D
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true that. Great work.
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this is so beautiful :love: it's great to see real werewolf :) you are really very talented :wow:
featured here - [link]
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it really caught my attention in the search of my stolen line art. it's (your pic) very pretty
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I love his expression, it's great.XD Really nice use of color too, the cool grey highlights go nicely with the darker brown areas of fur. The poofs of fur sticking out of his clothing was a nice touch as well.:D
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Aww... he looks cuddly! :-) *glomp!*
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i bet it dooooes
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My thoughts exactly. If only...
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tell me about it, bro...
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There better be some Raiping !
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There better be some Raiping !
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Later that day...
"Hey Pepe - I heard you pull yer pants down all the way to go werewolf."
"Feels good man. Well that and I kept rippin' my pants up every time I shifted. You know what a nice pair of shorts costs these days?"
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You've certainly captured the feeling of excitement, awareness, and power that I love in werewolf transformations. Not to mention FUN! :) The rendering of the fur is just awesome! Very nice work.
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