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Ram Dragon, early 2002

This drawing is inching up on three years old, and he's still one of my favorites despite the blatant disregard for lightsources and anatomy. XD
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ADORABLE *smushes his faaaaaace* :iconluvluvplz:
7purpletangerines's avatar
wow this is a really cool concept...looks amazing
Pezzy234's avatar
gorgeous work, absolutely fabulous!! =O im very impressed =)
MysticMoonMedia's avatar
This is a fantastic dragon. More of a cat/ram mix... not your normal serpentine shape. Just amazing!
luantothepast's avatar
what it is?
AndyTheSilantStorm's avatar
this is just awsome!
RukahTsubasa's avatar
this is amazing! great work! masterful!
Solyarise's avatar
Он прекрасен!
Argema-Brassingtonei's avatar
astonishing, I'm not worthy to look upon it...
Ariade's avatar
shu shu shu thats great^^
sephiroth887's avatar
i am an aires born in the year of the dragon, so hats off to you for making my dream come true ^-^
predben's avatar
DSil's avatar
Awesome! I love the face, very mammalian.
Clouds-Conspire's avatar
that is freakin wicked :+fav:
Ben-Zenith's avatar
I went back too see if I could ever draw like you, but all your stuff looks equally AWEXOME...

Did you ever draw like me? :thanks:
Dragynfyre-of-Ice's avatar
So regal and powerful... love the horns, claws... everything XD (I think I'll end up fave-ing your whole gallery by now... ^^)
croaton's avatar
i think im in love
MechanicalJunkie's avatar
dude this is superb great amazing....I envy you man :((
decemberdreams's avatar
gorgeous! gotta love those huge horns! :love:
opelate's avatar
Oooh . . . if I were a dragon, that's what I'd be. Aries, you know :aww:
Fantastic illustrations! I'm loving your gallery . ..
PlatinumDragonART's avatar
all i can say is fav
SaionjiFan's avatar
Beautiful. I love the detailing work on this peice.
LychiCambess's avatar
I love rams. I love yews.
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