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This was another 'Strange-effing-Horse' drawing. It was also an attempt to create a more anatomically-feasible Pegasus concept. ;)
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The eyes... they freak me out with their awesomeness.
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Got linked to this from another site, great job on the more anatomically correct concept of a pegasus -your pencil skills are awesome.
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That's one scary pegasus! Amazing work.
alienation's avatar
You wouldn't believe how bloody long a time I took to find this! I'd been hunting for it for awhile - mainly because it looks rad, but also because I wanted to show people what a real pegasus would look like... :)
Lionsong's avatar
Your gorgeous art has been featured! [link] :heart:
sturmfeuer's avatar
I like this version of a Pegasus :D.
LilyuKitty1-18-21's avatar
wow. kinda scary. but cool
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i like the more grotesque take on the pegasus, love the twist you put on it
Sinister-Scribe's avatar
two thumbs way way up from moi

i'm actually thinking about stealing this concept for me you mind? i was going to go for an alternative unicorn type beastie but...flying's cooler.

anyways, i've seen this before on...elfwood methinks, action pose!

ciao, $cribe
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thats so wierd and cool at the same time... wow
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Details are amazing!
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Very original interpretation! I really liked! ;)
geargrinder's avatar
Soo detailed, but I think Hercules or Perseus would hesitated to get on that winged horse...
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wow, i'm so glad i found your page, you're awesome! you pay so much attention to detail, it's just...perfect! :D :+fav: :+devwatch:
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Stunning. Dynamic. Perfect.
this is kick ass. it looks like a rotting corpse of some horrible creature... and i like it!!! what a cool view of a mythical creature. its so detailed and the shadowing really caught my eye! wowwie!=P
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Adding more commentaries; The ribs, the bones that are noticeable under the flexed skin, and the anatomy of the hand/paw/wings are stunning, also the theet.
TimothyPincushion's avatar
Much more possible and even realistic (I dare say) than the classical huge ormal horses with thin and featery wings, impossible that could fly, this tough, grotesque, rough, -real-, fleshy, not featery, crude, bug-eyed, deformed to addapt to the rough places the creature has been in, more anatomically possible, again, so original, your vision is stunning, unique, I miss so much this kind of work. The face, the paws, the hair, the muscles flexing and tensing then relaxing, this thing breathes.
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that is fantastic...
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I love the wings and the mane. Really awesome. :}
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meant to ask: how big is this drawing?
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