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I had an awesome weekend in London! Everything went fine, I didn't lose my luggage and even the weather was pretty nice. I met both old friends and new people I had only talked to in the internet. It was so cool to meet you all even if we didn't talk that much. : D The expo itself was also rather amazing with so many people, cosplays and things to see. I already spammed Tumblr with my photos so check my expo tag if you are interested.

Thank you everyone for this wonderful expo experience! :) Especially EsuNeh for the fun travelling company and Jemzy14 for photos and everything! :heart:


About the near future:

The next cosplay event here in Finland is CosplayGaala at the end of November. Like at Yamacon, I'll be reusing an old cosplay - I'll wear my Tinky Winky cardverse!England costume and mamiamamia will be my gay flight attendant cardverse!America. Because it's a fun thing to carry around giant clocks in the Helsinki city centre and dress up like you had been kidnapped from the fucking Teletubbyland. Brace yourselves, it's going to be the return of the manly brown socks with bows. No really, it's going to be fun, I'm sure.

Then the next real convention will be Desucon Frostbite in February. We are going to have a small Legend of Korra group with TaidanUpota as Korra, nukkelapsi as Bolin and me as Mako. I'm also making another cosplay for the con but that will be a secret until then. UvU

This account will probably be more or less on a hiatus until Frostbite. I'm also thinking about moving my account (because this username is stupid as fuck and it bothers me) but I'll let you know if I do that.
why do I always write these journals in the last minute...?

:iconesuneh: and I will be attending London MCM Expo this weekend! We are leaving for London early in the morning and I'm really excited. )o) It seems I'll be cosplaying England on all three days (boring I know, but most of my other cosplays are lacking something, too difficult to transport or pair/group cosplays I don't want to wear without my pair). I made the Sherlock!England version from last year's Hetaween and then I'm going to bring my old Halloween England costume and Gakuen Hetalia uniform. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear on which day but Halloween/vampire version will be on Sunday so I can match Jemma!

If you are coming, feel free to say hello! :)

fingers crossed for good weather and no airport staff strikes!
Ok so I promised to give the link to our Hetalia skit once it's on YouTube and here it is: ! Subtitled in English and everything. Thanks to everyone who came to watch our show and thanks to all amazing members of Rintsu (I'm so proud of you and happy to be friends with you ;w; :heart:). Thank you and thank you again!

Now go and watch it, folks.
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... is this weekend and I have already almost finished my cosplays! :omfg: What is this!?

Saturday: England in a 19th century military uniform
Sunday: Boris gijinka from Usavich

On Saturday, it's the time for our cosplay group Rintamasuunta's new performance: 1800 - Alkujen ja loppujen aika ('1800 - The Age of Beginnings and Ends')! The showtime is 16:00 on Saturday and the performance will take place in the smaller auditorium ("Pieni sali"). As the description on the programme map tells you, it's a history-based Hetalia skit! More on the serious side but with a good dose of comedy, of course. :----)

"1800-luku oli Napoleonin, kuningatar Viktorian, Saksan keisarikunnan, brittiläisen imperiumin ja eurooppalaisten vallan aikaa. Vanhat imperiumit sortuivat ja uudet valtiot nousivat niiden tuhkasta. Miten tuo kaikki tapahtui ja mihin tuo kaikki johti? Sen teille kertoo tässä Axis Powers Hetalia -teemaisessa esityksessä cosplayryhmä Rintamasuunta. "

English translation by Tiriol:

'The 19th century was the era of Napoleon, Queen Victoria, the German Empire, the British Empire, and European dominion. Old regimes fell and new countries rose from the ashes of the old. How did it all happen and to where did it all lead? That will be told to you by the cosplay group Rintamasuunta.'

We have been planning and practicing this performance since last summer. I'm really excited now that the actual show day is getting closer and closer. :la: I really hope we'll get a big and wonderful audience like last year. If you are coming to Tracon and are interested, please come to watch our show! ; w ; It lasts a bit under half an hour or so. Here are a couple of teasers for you folks: ,

Last year's skit with subtitles can be found on our YouTube channel: . This new one will also be filmed, subtitled and uploaded to YouTube, so wait for it!

Aaand I'm really excited for Sunday, too, because I've been wanting to cosplay something from Usavich for years and now we'll have an Usavich cosplay group with mamiamamia as Putin, Juunigatsu as Kirenenko, Yoosteippi as Zrzolov, TaidanUpota as Koptsev and myself as Boris! 8------)))
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Animecon is next weekend and I'll be there as some kind of a pirate version of England. o/ See ya~
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Costume plans for the weekend:

Friday: Hitsuji de Oyasumi!England with mamiamamia as America + possibly some other nations in pyjamas
Saturday: Tecktonik!England with mamiamamia as America I almost wrote 'mamerica' lol
Sunday: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (Tiger & Bunny) with TaidanUpota as Barnaby Bunny

I still haven't finished Sunday's costume and some artist alley things... I haven't been able to sleep much lately and it seems that this night won't be an exception. :'''D I might just pass out in some corner of Sibeliustalo and sleep through Friday. Luckily I'm wearing pyjamas anyway.

En jaksa kirjottaa englanniksi hurrdurr, mut:
Meidän cosplayryhmällä :iconrintamasuunta: on lauantaina pöytä (nro 9) taidekujalla ja siellä on toivottavasti kaikkea jänskää juttua myynnissä, joten tulkaa kurkkimaan. o/ Ite oon tehny teen paraikaa apinanraivolla muutaman kappaleen mochipehmoja ja istun pöydän takana itekin osan lauantaista. Saa tulla moikkaamaan~

Kivaa conia kaikille!

kyllä, syön juissia enkä jaksa korjata
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I didn't originally plan on attending Kikucon but some of my friends are going and I had a free weekend so I'll be there too. :------D I'm going to wear Flynn again (on Saturday?) and I couldn't resist the temptation to make yet another England costume so I'll be cosplaying this version… (on Sunday?). Great reference picture I know. :I I didn't even follow it very strictly.

It's going to be fun ! )o)

---> off to sewing some more
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I'm back from Kitacon! : D I made it to Birmingham, my luggage made it to Birmingham and I had so much fun and met some wonderful people! Thank you Jemma and Rachel for hanging out with us and for photographing and cookies and everything ah you guys are the best. o/

I think this video by Jemma sums up the whole convention pretty well. Excuse my dorky self. ^^; Also, some photo spam here and here.

Now proceeding to upload some photos here!

Btw, next up is Tampere Kuplii in May and I'm supposed to cosplay Kanba Takakura from Mawaru Penguindrum with quite a big and epic group. )o) I'm excited, I hope I manage to finish the costume in time.
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I intended to write this post earlier but I forgot! So, straight to the point: I'm leaving for England way too early in the tomorrow morning in order to attend Kitacon with my pals :iconnukkelapsi: and :icontiriol: + some other Finns. I'll be cosplaying:

Friday: England (the green WWII uniform version) with nukkelapsi as France and Tiriol as Germany
Saturday: Flynn Rider (Tangled) with nukkelapsi as Rapunzel
Sunday: Finland (SatW) with nukkelapsi as Sister Finland
Changes are possible though!

If anyone here is coming, feel free to say hello! :) I'll mumble and stutter and smile nervously and give you salmiakki. (That wasn't a threat.)

I still have some things to do and I should pack my stuff. 8I

I really, really, really hope this trip will go better than our attempt to attend London MCM Expo last spring and both us AND our luggage will arrive in Birmingham safely. Actually it's not even possible this could go worse. So, wish me luck, I'll need it. :''''D

edit. My badge name is Hitsu
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Tagged by :iconaskalemuralia:

The rules:

-1. You must post these rules.
-2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
-3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
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5 things about me:

1. I'm eagerly waiting for the summer. It's still cold and snowing here in Finland. 8(
2. I should be doing my maths homework but I'm procrastinating instead.
3. I miss my friends.
4. I've done this thing a couple of times on Tumblr and I'm STILL really bad at coming up with things to write here.
5. My back is itching.

10 questions by askalemuralia:

1. If you could live as an animal, what would it be? Why?
A sloth. Do I even have to state my reason? :-------D

2. If you could change the past what would it be, when and why? :)
Äyh. A lot of things. I'd like to be braver and be more like myself and not care about what other people say.

3. Which is your favourite place in your city?
I mostly just stay indoors so uh, my flat? 8''D Or a nearby beach.

4. Would you try out the underground life? I mean maffia, yakuza, drug dealing, arms dealing....child dealing XD (<-- watched too many movies)
No thanks. 8'''D I mean, I'd be the perfect mafia boss but I'll pass.

5. Where did you travel outside of your country? When with who? :D
I've travelled quite a lot in Europe with my family since I was a kid. (I've been to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, The Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom (England and Scotland to be more precise), France, Spain, Andorra, Monaco, Italy, Greece and Hungary.)

6. You closest plush-bear-bunny-anything else? Where is it?
There's Pascal the chameleon staring at me right next to me. He's saying I should finish Flynn's costume quickly. :I

7. How do you imagine yourself after 30 years?
I'll probably still look like a 15-year-old Ah I don't know, it's difficult to imagine. I hope I'll be living a happy life. I'll probably still be a child in a grown-up's body haha.

8.  What is deviantART for you?
A place where I can post my herpaderp photos and get feedback, make friends from different countries and look at other people's amazing art.

9. Tell me: did this tagging thing annoy you?

10. Do you belive in any kind of magic?
Not the kind of thing people usually mean by 'magic' - but I think some things are really magical, like good friends, and it's a real miracle if I manage to actually make good food.

My 10 questions:

1. What superpower would you like to have?
2. If a genie in a magic lamp granted you three wishes, what would you wish for?
3. What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
4. Where would you like to travel?
5. Would you like to grow an epic moustache?
6. Do you like carrots?
7. Can you play any instruments?
8. What is the last song you listened to?
9. What would you do if I came under your window at night wearing a tux and sang this ?
10. Is there life after Yuzu?

I tag:

:iconmamiamamia: :icontaidanupota: :iconyoosteippi: :iconnukkelapsi: :icongwendoly: :iconesuneh: :icontundra95: :icontiriol: :iconraidallinenkani: :iconnuuttii: :iconpiraattitomaatti:
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Be well...
...He's watching you.

t. mamiamamia & taidanupota

edit. Sorry, this happens when your friends want to troll your accounts really badly and even go to such great lengths as pinning you to the floor in order to do this...

That isn't even a song, dummies!

- Hitsu
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"An Anonymous Deviant gave you a Premium Membership!"

Whoever it was, thank you very much!! *u* Here, please take my yuzu.

On another topic, I thought I'd tell you something about my cosplay plans for this year. I'm going to fill a cosplay meme and submit it into my gallery after I'm done.
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Desucon Frostbite is this weekeeeeeend~! )ö)

I'll be cosplaying Nezumi (NO. 6) on Saturday with a friend of mine as Shion and cardverse!England on Sunday with mamiamamia as America. : )

So, a long-haired guy in a biker jacket on the first day and a big-browed country personification dressed up in purple, gold and brown on the second day.

I'm really excited about my brown socks and purple shoes.

Reeeeaally excited.

Anyway, see you there :''D
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Heyy, have you already heard about this new cosplay site, If not, check it out! My profile is over here:…

I also made a new Twitter account but I'm not sure if I'm going to use it at all. Anyway, it's here ->
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Got tagged by :iconmamiamamia: on Blogger:…
I don't have a blog there so I'll just answer the questions here.

There are six things you must tell.
3 negative and 3 positive, answer honestly of course.
Tag six blogs and link the blog who tagged you.

Three negative things you must tell:

1. Your least favourite cosplay and why.
I'm a bit ashamed of my Halloween!England costume as it was so rushed. I didn't even paint stripes on the back of the shirt because I ran out of time, paint and tape. I also have really mixed feelings for my SatW!Russia cosplay... Sho's costume has inaccuracies and the quality could be a lot better (but considering it was my first cosplay, it isn't that bad). :''D

2. Your worst experience at con.
I've had encounters with people who had no respect for others' personal space. I also hate it when it gets really hot but that's what you get for liking uniforms, suits and leather trousers, I guess... The feeling that your eyebrows are slowly starting to run down your face is really familiar to me.

3. Your worst con and why.
Tsukicon 2009 sucked... It was quite badly organised, the con building was too small and the programme was rather uninteresting. I had tickets for the whole weekend but I skipped Sunday and stayed at home studying maths instead. The evening gig on Sunday was nice, though!
(I would've answered 'London MCM Expo' but I don't think it counts as I never got there and it was in no way the fault of the Expo... :''D Yes, Helsinki-Vantaa airport staff, I'm still mad at you)

Three positive things you must tell:

1. Your favourite cosplay and why.
Atm I like England's character CD costume. It was a lot of work and I think it turned out quite fine. I also really like my bass prop! (The costume is a pain to wear though and needs some fixing.)

2. Your best experience at a con.
Our Hetalia skit at Animecon 2011~ The whole weekend was just so damn awesome! Rintsu, I love you. )o)

3. Your best con and why.
Animecon 2011 for the above reasons. I also really enjoyed last Tracon, it was so much fun! And Tampere Kuplii - it was a small event but I remember laughing a lot. :XD: Actually, most conventions this year were great experiences simply because I had amazing company and I didn't have to be alone like usually.

I tag
:iconaster-lili: :icontiriol: :icongreenscenery: :iconwonderfulcookie: :iconsatsuki0inuzuka: :iconjansutti:
Fill this out if you want to!
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Oops, I have neglected dA lately! Almost forgot to tell about Tracon, too. I'm cosplaying Hitsuji de Oyasumi!England (Hetalia) on Saturday and Rin Okumura (Ao no Exorcist) on Sunday. What makes it even more fun is that they are both pair cosplays - my friends are cosplaying as America and Shiemi. 8) Feel free to say hello. OuO It's likely that there will be a dozen other Rins at Tracon... I look something like this… 8----D Crappy test pic is crappy

I'll go through my inbox after the con...! I still have some buttons to attach and I should leave for Tampere soon. :''D
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As I told you in my last journal entry, our cosplay group Rintamasuunta performed its long practised cosplay performance a week ago at Animecon. I'm happy to say that it went well and we got such a big and wonderful audience! Thanks to everyone who came to see us! :heart:

Moreover, huge thanks to all the super awesome members of our group (EsuNeh, GreenScenery, Jadecora, Jansutti, mamiamamia, nukkelapsi, nuuku, Simppukka, TaidanUpota, Tiriol, WonderfulCOOKIE + those who don't have a dA account / whose dA account I'm unaware of) for making the last weekend the best in ages! This project has brought me sore feet and hands from carrying around flagpoles, swords & questionable sign boards, sore cheeks from laughing way too much, headache from trying to find suitable places for practising, memorable meet-ups, the best overnight guests, so much Yuzu Booster, experience on graffiti painting, German marching music playing in my head, many strange conversations on the chat and loads of adorable new friends. Luckily we are going to make another performance for next summer - because if this was over now, I don't know what I'd do. The next project will be about the 19th century & I'm really excited. :eager:

We now have a subtitled video on YouTube so if you'd like to see a historical and serious *) mostly serious Hetalia cosplay show, you can watch it here! Feedback is much appreciated~! Subscribe to see future videos! >u< This video (recorded by someone in the audience) is also worth watching as it shows some events better than our official video. :>

*) says the one who is hanging on another country's foot in the middle of the performance orz

Early tomorrow morning I'll leave for the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden, which means I probably won't be able to answer any messages for a little over two weeks. o/ See ya after that!
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I'll leave for Greece (in an hour - oops, I should probably pack the rest of my stuff), be there for a week and then come back to Finland and go straight to Turku for Animecon so I won't have a chance to tell about my cosplay plans before that so I'll do it now. So, on Saturday, I'll cosplay England in his green military uniform. On Sunday, I'll derp around as agent!England with my friend as agent!France and spread some rumours about Germany~~

:iconyayenglandplz: :iconyayfranceplz:

On Saturday, I'll take part in a cosplay performance. 8) We have a group of about 20 persons and we have been working hard on the performance since last autumn…! :3 I stole the description from the Animecon website: (in Finnish, sorry!)

1900 - sotien ja rauhojen aika
La 12:00-12:30, Mori (Educarium)
Luvassa on eeppinen kuvaus kansakuntien käymistä sodista ja rauhoista musiikin ja liikkeen keinoin, aina 1900- luvun alkupuolelta nykyaikaan. Cosplayryhmä Rintamasuunta toivottaa Sinut tervetulleeksi seuraamaan tätä maailmaa vavisuttaneiden tapahtumien koostetta.

It doesn't outright mention it, but yes, it's about Hetalia. Our intention was to make a different kind of Hetalia cosplay skit which concentrates on historical events instead of, you know… yaoiyaoidesu. The show lasts about fifteen minutes. For some reason the programme map says that it's not allowed for kids under 15 but that's rubbish - some of our group members are younger than that…

Come to see us~! o/

Samma vielä lyhyesti på finska elikkä tulkaa ihmeessä katsomaan meitin toivottavasti eeppinen esitys, ollaan nähty sen eteen kovasti vaivaa! :eager: Lauantaina kello 12 Morissa - minulla ei ole aavistustakaan siitä, missäpäin se sijaitsee, mutta eiköhän sekin selviä. Eikä oo mikään k15, nuoremmatkin ovat erittäin tervetulleita. : ) Ja muutenkin saa moikata, jos minuun conissa törmää! o/

I totally didn't just copy this from my Tumblr...

äää jänskättää
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Heyyy~ Sorry I haven't been active here lately! I've been busy with my cosplay for Desucon which is this weekend. I've almost completed England's character CD outfit so you'll recognise me by huge eyebrows, leather trousers and a red bass (which weighs a ton because I made it out of wood). :giggle: I'll deal with unanswered messages in my inbox after Desucon, now I'm off to paint some lions and unicorns. See ya! 8)))

ps. I hope I can have a little photoshoot after Desucon and get some proper photos of my latest two costumes. :>
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Okay, I've slept, I've eaten and I've got my LUGGAGE back (!!!) so I feel a lot better now. This has been one hell of a week and absolutely nothing has gone right. Loving thanks to the ground staff and baggage handlers of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport ->… (England has been locked in a suitcase for a whole week, you bet he's furious...) I still don't know what exactly I want to do to them, there are too many options...

     a) stick them in Marmite and throw Jelly Beans at them
     b) send SS Standartenführer Ernst Wolffe after them
     c) lock them in a suitcase with Mr. Bucket and send them to London and then to Helsinki-Vantaa where they can rot until the end of the world

Well, this was just for your information as some of you guys were worried about me losing my cosplays and other stuff. You people are the sweetest btw, thanks for that. :heart: