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I draw and love to bake~ Commission info~

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Still Kicking~

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MAAAAAAAAAAN. Its been a while since I posted a journal... I've been busy with a lot of crap. Been working out to lose some weight. Doing good on that! I do that almost everyday and I'm too tired to draw afterwards, which SUCKS! I also keep forgetting to post comic updates. They're still going up every wednesday. I usually post the updates on Twitter, though I know some folks hate social media. I don't blame ya really. Commissions are open, just never bothered mentioning it. So much going on, I'm just like..EH, I won't bother making a journal about it. The hospital bills are annoying... Other than that...uh..NOT MUCH GOING ON! Work, workout, flop around, sleep and repeat. Maybe draw on my days off or clean. I have so many things I WANT to draw, just things get in the way. That and a lot of the ideas are of Caramel or Macaron. Trying to draw other crap, but nothing comes to mind. Sorry if you're tired of seeing them haha How's everyone doing? still surviving? Get your covid shots?
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Surgery was on the 7th. It went well, thank goodness... They didn't take the whole thing out like planned. Just the HUGE goiter and my right thyroid. I was all sorts of ugh yesterday.. But much better this morning! I may open up for a few commissions down the line, not in a rush for em atm. Gonna try to relax and heal up for the most part. My cat still has her issues and we're trying to figure out which route we should is VERY expensive and I'm noooot trying to go down that path especially after my surgery... We'll figure out something... Finally got the chance to set up an appointment to get the first vaccine shot next week. yay~ Hope y'all have been staying safe!
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I haven't really been drawing much at all this month. I finished a commission I feel I took too long on but they said it was okay. The comic updates are comics from a surplus I did last year but now just going up. SOOOO...I've been really down and have a lot of stuff going on. Going to be having a Thyroidectomy most likely next month. It's pretty big and its all gotta go. Lots of doctor's visits last month and this month. Been also trying to exercise and lose some weight and dieting. That's going decently...but my work schedule has been all over the place and making drawing/exercising hard. BUT starting next week, it should all be set. Thank goodness... Hubby also having problems, but I wont go into that. Our cat isn't doing to well either. Lots of vet visits and so on... She has Pancreatitis and won't eat anything. When she DOES eat, she barfs it back up. They took an xray and asked us if she's been eating her litter, which we've never seen. BUT we're not home all the time. Soooo we
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Very wonderful Fifi artworks haha ! :D <3

Hi Caramel, Sorry to bother but just to slate my curiosit, do you have Twitter account?

Thanks Panda Emoji-32 (Happy Blush) [V2] , keep up the good art!