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April 19, 2008
The Clocktower by ~Arenyth Wow! The images of this movie are so beautiful and joyful! This is a nice concept too. This is a student project of high quality. Nice and smooth animation and creamy lighting like I love them.
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The Clocktower

My Thesis film, after 10 months of hard labor is finished! Thank you to everyone that watched this from the beginning, I hope you enjoy it!

Everything created by me, sound through

Edit: Wow! I can't believe I got a DD, thank you all so much for your kind comments! It's exciting to read them all and I'm definitely trying to get back to all of you. Thank you so much to ~nickeatworldand ~fraughtuk for their suggestion and`feawen for featuring it!

My blog, for some behind the scenes work and my other artness


UPDATE: You can now download premium content for personal use. For commercial use, further permission is required - contact me at 

For $5 (500 pts) you have access to the original files, created in Maya 2008:

Master Character File for Penny Dulum (the character) - fully rigged with blendshapes
The clocktower 
The Houses 
Clock face detail 
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This is brilliant, a story of a girl who wishes to be of the outside world but can't due to circumstance. A masterpiece illustrating the benefit of sacrifice and the belief that we cannot have our cake and eat it too
A bright set of coloring and a gentle tone that sets the way for a pretty much happy ending that leaves us with a fondness for the character
We feel for her and hope that she will one day see those balloons without ever having to spin again.
All in all it was a good piece and beautiful message
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Its still so sad :( but very beautiful
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What a wonderful animation, great work!
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wow, I am studying to try to learn about 3D animation and this is AMAZING and I want to study it.... Probabality done in mia but I am not sure
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this was fantastic!! Keep it up!! 
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What a spell bounding toon!
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This is truly wonderful, both in skill/outcome and in thought. A work of art! Well done indeed.
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That was beautiful :')
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Super amazing wonderful!!!! You did a wonderful job!!! 
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This is so amazing! I can't believe you did this whole thing yourself! :wow: I know 3D animation is a total pain in the butt but you did fantastic! Awesome job! 
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Great video   Hug 
simplely lovely and adorable, and saddening too
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She is the binding of the world, the very structure of time and space, without her full effort and work, the world suffers, and even while the world is frozen and suffering, she must suffer, as she doesn't get to experience what everyone else does. I'd say if there's a story within this story, it's that there is always that single person, doing everything they can, making them self miserable, just so other people can have a thoroughly enjoyable time. Maybe she represents a mother, giving up her life for her children. I don't know, but this is truly amazingly animated, the textures are beautiful, the shading and lighting are extravagant, but mainly the models and animations flow did it for me, it is so smooth, and so realistic, like a 120 frame per second stop motion claymation movie. 

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wow thank you! I really appreciate when people take the time to really give me their thoughts. I'm so glad
you liked it. 
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I Don't know if you've been Hired for Industry Hollywood Projects but if not…You Definitely Will Be Soon! Stunning Work
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I think this is simply beautiful and the whole symbolism is just I can't fully put in words how amazing this was
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Why not just take the gear part of the skirt off, put it on the tower, and STILL have clothes. Would it work? I don't know
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It's her dancing that helps the clock move :) I have thought about someone coming to help her and building something to help it run automatically but never wrote it out. 
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Eloquent, moving and very original!  That is a fine piece of work!
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