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Star Fleet Battles - Galaxy Map by Caraig Star Fleet Battles - Galaxy Map :iconcaraig:Caraig 24 5 Blacksilver Evolution by Caraig Blacksilver Evolution :iconcaraig:Caraig 16 7 Emancipator WIP by Caraig Emancipator WIP :iconcaraig:Caraig 10 10
Cold Comfort
     The sun rose early during the long, hot, dry summer.  In the desert it cast long, solemn shadows along the ground as the sagebrush caught the first glimmers of light, interrupted by the already deep shadows of the hills where they dared to contradict the flat horizon.  The week -- indeed, the month -- had been dry, and the horse's hooves kicked up small clouds of meek dust with each footfall.  And now with the sun rising on a cloudless day, he promised no relief from the scorching, blazing heat.
     I led him in an easy cant, a fair pace but not rapid.  There was no need to rush.  The nearest town was thirty miles behind me, and a human being can only go so far out into the desert in twenty-four hours, no matter what demons he might be running from.
     In fact, up ahead, that dark spot....  Wasn't that...?  Why, yes, it was.
:iconcaraig:Caraig 3 1
She barely remembered being carried out of the waters. Arms carried her, strong arms, but she did not remember whose they were. They were not his. That was all that mattered.
They told her what had happened: the airship crashing, sending flaming debris over half the beach. A crash impossible to survive, and yet they had tried, for two days and nights, to find any survivors. They found no others.
She listened, nearly silently, numb and mute. He had been aboard it. And now he was gone. There had been times before, in their travels, when she had thought him dead, but he had always returned, somehow. A short, short time of anguish and worry, and then he would be there, smiling and apologetic, as was his way. But not this time. If he had survived, then surely... surely by now....
The once-hidden war was hard, and would be fought for many long years to come.  Few on the mainland knew it was being fought; those of this remote island nation knew of it's damages only because it had st
:iconcaraig:Caraig 2 0
Minuet, Part 4: 'Primacy'
Khaine's ships, bit by bit, emerged from shift, deep in the heliosphere of the system they had been told, in fairly certain terms, to not approach.
"Plot, Flag.  Anything?"  She kept her voice calm and collected, restrained.  She didn't want any nervousness showing.
"Flag, Plot.  Nothing at all.  All telemetry is clean."
She fretted for a moment, then shook her head. "Plot, Flag, get me threads to the division leads.
She tapped her seat's arm idly while she waited, not liking being coccooned in the seat's restraint system of plates and mesh.  A strict interpretation of the warning would mean that they'd have been destroyed as soon as they entered the heliosphere of the system, and here they were already far deep within it.
What are they waiting for? she found herself wondering.
On her screen there appeared four images, the commadners of her fleet's four combat divisions.  "Commodores," she began to say.  But then general alarm started to blast, the light turned a harsh blue, a
:iconcaraig:Caraig 2 0
Minuet, Part 3: 'Action'
To Ng, a few footsteps could take him anywhere within the domain of his civlization.  Of the thirty worlds -- once, there had been hundreds of thousands, but he remembered this with neither pride nor bitterness -- he could begin his walk from the chambers on one, take a step outside the chambers and be on another, and complete the last few steps on a third.  It wasnot as if space was meaningless; far from it.  Rather, space was interchangable.
It was for this reason that his last few steps were paused, and he could not go further without performing certain actions.
If one were to try and say where he was, he would in theory be located in a planetoid located in deep space in the First World, in a volume rotated somewhat out of the three dimensions that harbored the volume the approaching ships threatened... but that would be slightly misleading.  There was no machinery here to sustain life; the planetoid had been cooled to background temperature.&
:iconcaraig:Caraig 2 1
Minuet, Part 2: 'Antagonist'
"Korroloka, red eight daycimal niner two seven, blue negative trey daycimal fower tray seven, green...."
"Ops, lidar.  Negative on bogy seven fower, it's a rock.  Spectroscopy says carbo-silicate...."
"Attention all hands, attention all ships.  Puyan DAMCON drill complete, resuming nominal status...."
"Admiral, the Directorate is on the thread."
Jess Khain looked up over to her aide, then nodded.  "Give me a moment."
Khain took in a breath, and started straightening the shipsuit as she read over the displays.  "Duprei, have the train back off a bit abaft the line.  Not to be too morbid but if we blow, better they're out of the blast radius."
Young but capable, Duprei gave a gallows grin. "How large would you say the blast radius from all these ships of the line would be?"
"Hells, I don't know.  Make an estimate.  Assume the convert all our mass to energy."  What a sobering thought that is, she thought.
:iconcaraig:Caraig 2 1
Minuet, Part 1: 'Duty'
Okana Ng walked at a leisurely pace into the Chamber, a pace that military officers in past ages would have found shameful and scandalous.  He did not care; he knew the Archons did not care.  There was time.  There was always time.
His footsteps did not echo, though to his sight it was large and the ceiling was lost to darkness far above.  The Chamber's dimensions would be meaningless to give as merely width, breadth, depth.  Still, to his sight the chamber was a cylindrical room of ethereal marble, perhaps thirty meters in diameter and many hundred of meters high.  Even then, there was more than merely the physical construction to it, for the walls were fluted, with a starry, nebulous void beyond.
Okana was glad to see that this particular selection of archons were waiting for him wearing plain pearlescent robes instead of the ceremonial finery they would sometimes be seen in.  He preferred simplicity to ritual, though he knew it had its place.
"Sanguinarch, welcome," the High Archon
:iconcaraig:Caraig 3 11

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