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White Knight

Commission for ~Valthecon, of her characters Dismay (or Crownskull, which is a creature she bought from me in the past) and Wen, the rider. Referred to as the "White Knight" for the always brilliantly white feathers he uses to adorn his armor :>.

Dismay & Wen © ~Valthecon
Artwork by Ilse "Lhune" Gort, 2012.

Photoshop CS2, 13-14 hours.
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© 2012 - 2021 CaraidArt
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Beautiful work! I love the pose and the angle, makes it a very powerful image! Heart +fav 
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ARGH! SO.....AWESOME......MAKING ......BRAIN ....M..E..L..T..... LOVE IT!
Creative-Kiwi's avatar
What is he riding??
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He's riding Crownskull, which is a creature the commissioner bought from me before :>.
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You have improved so much!! nice work :)
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Aw, thank you!
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I love the way you did the metal and all the different textures in the armor.
Taandy's avatar
very cool :3
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extremely impressive work, your shading - and frankly everything about this piece- is INCREDIBLE! powerful job! (: (:
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Thanks so much!
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You are very welcome!!
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This turned out really nice, Lhune! Really nice muted colors, and I love the perspective and atmosphere. The mood reads really well. Nice new signature, too!

Couple minor crits for future thinkings- my main beef is with the rider. The way he's positioned, especially the convex on the back of his breastplate, is making him look like he's slouching forward and not really that stoked about his current mountain vista or whatever he's doing. He feels like a patrol guard going "Beh, wish I was back at the tavern drinking" rather than an epic warrior. If you were to puff out his chest, putting the stretched side on his front on the squashed on his back, I think that would improve his gesture and better show that he's an epic character. The horsegryphondragon feels perfect, really great forward strut gesture on him, just the rider needs the same now. :)

Then a couple little things; first there are some hard-edged brush strokes lurking in the clouds, I think if you were to soften them out a little it would help the space to read and push that stuff in to the BG further. And then I think you could punch up the colors a bit here and there; like on the gold medallion on his chest, if you were to make the shadowed areas some deep oranges rather than desaturated greens it would feel like the light was reflecting off the forward planes and illuminating the shadowed areas.

But yeah, overall this turned out awesomely! I love love love the feather on the rider's helmet that's emerging in to the light, and actually the shapes of the feathers in general are really well done. Great stuff! :D
CaraidArt's avatar
Woop! Your crits are always so awesome and clear :>. I totally agree about the gesture; I didn't put as much effort into it as I should have. It's really annoying that you know you know these things and still you overlook them/disregard them xD. So thanks for reminding me!

I had trouble with the colors, I'll admit. I thought it would look odd for there to be orange light on his other side as nothing would reflect warm light on there. I'm still not entirely sure how it works I guess D: *reminds self to read Gurney's Color and Light guide again this weekend*

Thanks so much Andan, helpful as always!
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Amazing! The colors are perfect and the pose is brilliant... :)
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Thank you so much!
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Yay it's done! :D I had so much fun watching you stream as you made this. It really is fantastic. The textures are great and I love the orangey contrast you have on the armour, it really makes it stand out from the background and gives a real nice finish to the piece. I don't know what else to say apart from you should be very, very, VERY proud of this and I hope to have just an ounce of your talent one day!
CaraidArt's avatar
Aw, you're too kind! Thank you so much :>!
GuardianDragon1's avatar
Yay finished! This was fun to watch.
PossumFlavored's avatar
epic horse and ruder is very very epic.
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Beautiful lighting and mood.
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