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Only who is threatening who eh?

Just a scribble. About one hour, trying out some new brushes and letting out some frustration. 
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i enjoy this confrontation !
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hot diggity dayem
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This is wonderful, honestly. I definitely get that the alicorn is the threatening one. I'm very hesitant to buy prints, but I'd buy a print of this if I were able to! 

I'm going to have to watch you now. This is quite an inspiring piece! 
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Thank you so much! I would make a print but unfortunately I painted this on a relatively small size so I doubt it would be much good for printing :c
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Congratz on Making Amazing Fantasy Art's Featured Top Ten! Great lighting and composition. 
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Oooo well look at that! Thank you very much :)!
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The look on the dragon's face says it does not like the appearance of the alicorn here. 
someone save the big lizard from the small luminous horse, please :s
Dragons often don't really move from their little den, right? and unicorns were portrayed as being able to completely tear a human apart and cure diseases. Now, let's say the unicorn hates the impure, and for what may cure others, may kill the dragon. Am I getting close to what's going on here?
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You may just be ^^. I did envision the alicorn to actually be threatening the dragon, rather than the other way around. 
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This is a very interesting piece for it too - with the dragon not being portrayed as deadly, but instead the unicorn is. 
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Speedy! This is super cool, really dig the harsh edges and stuff from the foreground comparing to the faded background. Really dig it.
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Thank you Pargile <3!
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Why, it's the spiky landscape threatening the dragon, of course! Think how the poor creature's paws must feel walking across those rocks!
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That explains the look of agony on his face!
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This is excellent work!

May I ask what inspired the color pallet? I'm not really good at understanding how to put colors together so they look nice but man do I know it when I see it, and this is it! Does it just come intuitively? 
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Intuitively I'd say, yes :). I know roughly what colors work well together, but mostly it's just playing with the colors and values until I find something that appeals to me.

Thank you very much!
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This is friggin awesome!!! I love the background then the horse shining just makes it look awesome. The way you oriented the figures creates a sense of movement through the image in order to move the eye around your composition! Awesome piece! :)
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)
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No problem freind, keep up the good work!!
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wow friend very threataning! heavy atmosere full of doom n despare! hope unicorn dcan save the day before is to late!!
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Or maybe the dragon needs to save the day from the unicorn ^^! Thank you very much!
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Probably the dragon demanding that the winged unicorn get off of it's tail.
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"We've been over this time and time again Fred, you're just going to have to pay your rent like everybody else!"
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"I'm a free spirit John!"
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Love the looming shape of the creature in the background, nice atmosphere.
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