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Springmane Cervin


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I did some studies of Ghibli backgrounds for this one because I really wanted to hit that lush, magical vibe of those kinds of environments and the creature was a good fit for it I thought!

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Really cool idea

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Hello! My name is Aaron and I am a curator based in Brooklyn. I used to run a gallery space named JuiceBox in Denver CO and right now, I am working on virtual exhibitions. I'm working on a VR exhibition with an architect named Tony Gonzalez ( in which he designs a space and I curate the art for that space. This exhibition will be put online so people can visit it from their browsers. I'm reaching out because I'm interested in including you. All I need is your permission to use this image. I will provide proper credit, and I will let you know when the exhibition is up. None of the work in the exhibition will be for sale.

It would be a pleasure to include you. I know that sometimes unsolicited proposals like this can seem like spam, so you can check out my website to see that I’m a real person and this is a real request (


Aaron Michael Mulligan

wow this is so cool. I could never draw this good! I love deer and wolves and it kind of looks like a mix of them, please dont take eny offence from that 😰. The background is amazing too, with all the details on the trees. The butterflys on the neck are a really nice touch and the blossoms on the antlers are so beutifull.

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Not at all, it is indeed a kind of hybrid!

Thanks so much!

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Absolutely beautiful stunning picture, witnessed the same creature in the movie snow white with Chris Hemsworth and Snow White being crowned the new Sovereign of a huge court and castle.

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Someone has reposted the artwork here:

Springmane Cervin

I presume this was done without permission?

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They did, yes. I have reported them (unfortunately it does not look like DA has taken it down yet).

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A distinguished gentleman dressed for success!

That's beautiful!!!

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very pretty!!

love the butterflies!!

wonderful picture!!!

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this is awesome
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So beautiful! I'm in awe! :love:

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Superb job done here, looks so natural & ... REAL! Hoppy Easter & God bless Easter Bunny !

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Wonderfully calming piece, gorgeous

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This is stunning.

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Awesome one! You really have captured that lushness of environment and the majesty of this creature. I also like how much motion those butterflies add. Really cool concept!

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woww amazing :3

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Woy it's so beautiful

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