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Silver Scales

The cover illustration for "Silver Scales" by L. Rowyn! If you like fantasy books that contain dragons, talking animals, lighthearted humor as well as genuine darkness and confrontation, definitely consider picking up this novel.

You can get the book on any of these websites:


It's not often that I stop to think about where I am with my work.

I have a long way to go yet, and much more that I want to achieve and be able to do, but once upon a time creating an actual fantasy book cover was a childhood dream. Now, I am painting the very things that made me pause and pick a book from the shelf because it had an awesome looking dragon on it (I was easily swayed by dragons, admittedly).

Onwards to more personal achievements!

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It looks so epic!
OfSevenStars's avatar
Oh man, this is beautiful! I love it! :O
ScarletKnightReterns's avatar
His pose suggests that he's saying "oh my gawd! it's an angel!"

I kid I kid.

In actuality, he's thinking. "Oh my gawd...they really exist."
Laghrian's avatar
Tottaly stunning piece!
I--S--A's avatar
Holy flip, that's a largg dragon ;0;
yikkuru's avatar
your art is so stunning :0
10animallover10's avatar
It reminds me of a cross over of the book series Temeraire and His Dark Materials =P
GureOkamiFang's avatar
Suggestion to book lovers Read Eragon! and the reast of the books in the series but read the book first befor the movie else u will get confused
GureOkamiFang's avatar
THANK You!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Been looking for a ne book to read!!!!!!! Yessss your the best!!!!!
FromArtToMagic's avatar
Ooo come on my prince charming!! Save the world!!!
StephanieSmall's avatar
You have done a beautiful job on this piece of art. I love your attention to detail. Your time and dedication shows.
-Stephanie Small
You have Done A Great Job On Your Artwork by StephanieSmall
Gaudsgauds's avatar
Wow, what a great cover! Lots of details, I'm not only loving that dragon, but also actually kinda afraid of it!
Azarius-Flashfang's avatar
Welp, I found yet another book to add to my list of interest. XD Excellent work on this piece, love the sheer amount of detail involved. How long does it even take to do something like this?
TheSapphireNight's avatar
This looks incredible!
CameronWSmith's avatar
That awkward moment when you want to go to the library, but it's about to be crushed by a gargantuan dragon...

Awesome drawing! L. Rowyn must be very pleased to have such an epic cover for their book!
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Cake-a-Tron's avatar
Going off how stunning this cover is and what you said in the description, I'm going to keep my eye out for this book it sounds amazing! This looks brilliant too, the colours, the flow of his hair and outfit, and the overall look of this is utterly stunning! Brilliant work!
CaraidArt's avatar
If you follow the link in the description, there's various places where you can get it :). Would recommend! It's not very pricey and it's a fun read.

Thank you so much!
Cake-a-Tron's avatar
Ohh fabulous! I mustn't have seen the link XD. Definitely will check that out, thank you!

You're most welcome!
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This is amazing.
VesaiasTheValiant's avatar
Gosh! That's a really imposing-looking dragon! O_o Even more grim than the infamous Ender Dragon from MinecraftWink/Razz 
I'll keep this in mind, "Silver Scales". Reading the seventh Harry Potter book in English was a twist, and this might well be too. :D (Big Grin)
JohannaEgeria's avatar
I'm speechless... : D
Really amazing picture. :3
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