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For S2Games!

Shiva © S2Games / Heroes of Newerth
Art by Ilse Gort, 2014
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© 2014 - 2022 CaraidArt
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Badass interpretation of Shiva! You made Shiva look amaaaaaaaazing! Great job!!! I love this!!!
MisterPhantom's avatar
The original Shiva is male not female but whatever
CaraidArt's avatar
I didn't design the hero.
MisterPhantom's avatar
Oh well I didn't know that carry on then
PearlPhoenix's avatar
I've been secretly admiring the work you've released lately C:
Happy Holidays!
ThickBlackBlood's avatar
more clothes, please! otherwise beautiful piece (:
CaraidArt's avatar
I didn't design the character ^^" Thanks though!
Zahkiin's avatar
that is really great!~
APJJ1's avatar
are all gods and goddesses of this culture blue-skinned?
CaraidArt's avatar
I.. don't think so. I'm not entirely sure what Shiva was based off of, to tell you the truth!
APJJ1's avatar
hm. its just that in this anime im watching, it plays a lot with hindu aspects and deities
all of the deities have blue skin, which is why i asked
CaraidArt's avatar
Oh, if you're referring to Newerth itself, then no - it's a realm with a great variety of creatures and characters based off of a large variety of cultures and myths. Now that you mention it though, there is one heroine in Newerth who is based off of Hindu myth (Kali) who also has blue skin. So yes, it could be a Hindu thing :).
APJJ1's avatar
it probably is, yet iv'e also heard that red is the color of the gods
im wanting to google this now
CaraidArt's avatar
Yes, I saw it in my mentions, thank you very much!
Lintu47's avatar
My pleasure! Cuddling Practice by TheHugClub
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