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Shadow Speaker Hel

Huh, looks like I never submitted this here! I made this splash art for SMITE's "Shadow Speaker" Hel last year.

© Hi-Rez/SMITE 2020
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These postures and their anatomy are amazing.

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That looks super-cool!

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You are such a master of animals/creatures it's so satisfying to see you also completely rock more humanoid characters as well! The amount of hard work and dedication you have put into your craft to get to this point is nothing short of remarkable. Phenomenal work as always!

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Awesome work, I love the light! :la:

very pretty!!

wonderful picture!!

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similar clothes... seems like they are from the same culture?

are those anthros? which animal? all i can see that's animalistic is claws

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She's not an anthro (the piece shows her dual nature but she is one character); this is a playable character from a videogame (SMITE) based on the goddess Hel. I did not design her, I paint the marketing art for them.

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