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Primal Adversary

For the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt set! I had to rush this one ever so slightly as I was on a time crunch, but boy it was fun getting to do some spookier pieces and trying to work with these limited palettes. This is also my first mythic rare card!

Art director: Taylor Ingvarsson
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Woha... super cool and dark! :wow:

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Good doggy! Absolutely awesome work! :clap:

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Cool, just like a movie scene!

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Loving the dutch tilt. Very impressive work with lighting to make the piece striking, beautiful, and unsettling all at once. Excellent contrast and just a hint of colors!

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Huh-ho! :XD: Like straight out of a horror movie. ;P

I'm impressed because it actually takes guts for me to look at this woof in the eyes. :thumbsup:

TheiaTheWolf/Skylandy :+fav:

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O my... A nightmare from my childhood !! 😯

Impressive !

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i love everything about this amazing job

Wаnnа hаve hоt-lovin' сonversatiоns?

Yоu’ге on the гight way!


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And I just learned about the game Tiny Bunny 😓

Hi! I invitе you tо thе Seх Сlub ->

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A puppy!! lol Good Job; this piece is stunning

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*Drops down slightly very fast.* Who's a good boy!?

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That ghostly rim light on the wolf coming from the window is so nicely done. Gosh, this is beautiful!

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Beautifully outstanding and amazingly done! :heart:

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Your work is always so gorgeous. I love the shadow shapes in this one. And that carpet is so elegant! You rock!

honey, a werewolf got into the house again!

was indeed not alone in the house...

awesome picture!!!!

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Man's Worst Friend. Dangerfloof!

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What a handsome fellow! I'm glad he found his hat.

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I need this for my wolf deck! Wow I can't believe that you draw for MTG. Do you ever go to conventions? Would you be willing to sign cards?

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My first MtG cards started coming out around the time that COVID broke out - so any conventions I could have gone to weren't happening anymore. I certainly intend to go to one someday!

And yes I would!

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