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January 1, 2018
Poised by LhuneArt.
A collaborative piece with Nomax on FA
Featured by PixlPhantasy
Suggested by Catgirldstr11
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A collaboration commission with Nomax on FA, featuring the graceful Ashinowen, for Toxophilus. I had a great time working with Nomax again, our styles are an interesting mix!

Prints available:…
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Edit: Thank you so very much for the DD feature <3!
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ha5uha's avatar
*she's melt from goodness
Tinselfire's avatar
This is some wondrous craftsmanship - if you excuse my not seeing the forest for the trees, the lichen and vines are among the best I have seen - and a really interesting combination of different cultural influences.

I assume you are familiar with the meaning of this rune?
CaraidArt's avatar
I had to do a little research for the referencing of the symbol, so yes! :) The Helm of Awe. Very cool bit of history there, you learn something new with almost every piece of work!

Thank you very much for the kind words!
Tinselfire's avatar
Indeed you do; I learned something here. Have a long-time interest in vikings, but only been familiar with the Swedish name, which renders it as "helm of dread" or "helm of terror". Always found the name peculiar as it does not match its use nor description. "Awe" is a much better word.

Thank you in turn!
CaraidArt's avatar
Thank you so much for suggesting it! <3
Skull-Legion94's avatar


That's badass lizard
Very cool piece, congrats on the DD.
Kelshray's avatar
a lot of noise, I like it ;D
IchorData's avatar
Beautiful, really beautiful.
RoyalAnubis's avatar
this looks amazing and so beautiful I love the flow
Wan-Yie's avatar
hey that looks really good! Is the light of the rune in the front supposed to be cut off?
CaraidArt's avatar
Thanks! I'm not sure I'm seeing what you mean, though!
Wan-Yie's avatar
The rune or snowflake at the bottom has a cut off glow. Is that intentional?
CaraidArt's avatar
I still can't really see it - might be that your monitor is set brighter than mine. If there is a visible edge, then no that was not intentional.
CharlottaBavholm's avatar
So much nice texture in this *__*
ActeriaArts's avatar
This is amazing omg
Unseeming's avatar
Very pretty work! Nice job! <3
DrakeTheAngel's avatar
Damn! Absolutely gorgeous!
Swiftraptor's avatar
The details on this are great and the art styles really mesh well
CaraidArt's avatar
Thank you! I believe they do, too :).
Zahkiin's avatar
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