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Patriarch's Bidding


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I have to thank my art director for letting me go with my instincts for this one. A lot of things I wouldn't usually do - a symmetric composition, purposely unrealistic lighting. But she trusted me with it and I think it turned out pretty cool looking!

"Patriarch's Bidding" for Modern Horizons 2 (Magic the Gathering).
AD: Cynthia Sheppard

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Whoa-ho! :O_o: Something mystic and lupine is inspiring here. I can feel it in my bones... :greetings:

Fantastic work on such an otherworldly scene. :clap: I love it! :thumbsup::D :heart: :+fav:

Happy-haerted wolf

This is what happens when you drink glow sticks

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Innistrad has such potential with the new werewolf cards at the end of the year! I hope they hire you to get a new look on the wolfir

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Wish I could make art like this

hound of the baskervills turned up to eleven!

awesome picture!!

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"Father take this heart I bring, Father are you proud? I your son, the chosen one has heard your call again!"

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Looks awesome and terrifying!

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Awesome! Tomorrow night is the full moon too. heheh

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Beautiful job, like it
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That’s so epic!!!
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i know it's early for halloween...but

It look really cool. It's good to experiment with art once in a while.

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So, so amazing.

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