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P2U: Dragon Lineart Set

Three unique dragon linearts for only 3 USD, to use for adoptables, coloring practice or whatever else you wish to use them for!
Please read the terms as outlined before purchasing.

The ZIP file (1.50MB) contains:
EquineDragonLines.PNG (2000x2358px)
NoodleDragonLines.PNG (2000x2106px)
SpikeyDragonLines.PNG (2085x1625px)

If you would like to use PayPal or a credit card, or if you are more interested in only one of the lines, you can find them in my Gumroad shop:

Lineart by Ilse Gort (AKA Caraid and/or Lhune).


By purchasing this content the buyer agrees to the following terms.

The buyer of this content may:
• Color the lines for the purpose of selling adoptables (for real or online currency), personal practice or for creating icons, banners or other decorational uses.
• Publish the colored lines in public galleries so long as credit is given back to the original creator (me, LhuneArt on DeviantArt) on the same page.
• Share the colored lines in private*.

The buyer may NOT:
• Publish the transparent/full-sized lines in public galleries.
• Re-sell the transparent/full-sized lines.
• Share the transparent/full-sized lines in private*.

*Meaning among friends or in non-public galleries.
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1512x895px 1.36 MB
© 2016 - 2021 CaraidArt
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I bought these linearts for @x-AzariaDragon-x <3

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Hi - Once bought, would I have your permission to use these lines and others on a site called Lioden? While I know you have stated they can be used, this is for proof of permission given onsite!

CaraidArt's avatar

Hi, yes, go ahead!

Nyght-Driscol's avatar
Quick question - I'm very interested in purchasing these. However, do you allow frankendolling? I'd love to put the wings on the cat-like one (or on the werewolves I want to buy from you, too), and play around with the lines. Just wanted to ask before I bought them on GumRoad.
Thank you!
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You are allowed to edit the lines, so long as you mention somewhere that the lines have been edited. This to ensure that my work is not misrepresented. It also does not make the lines your own creation; meaning credit will still need to be given for the original work. If you do that, you're fine!

Thanks for the interest!
Tea-and-Duvet-Girl's avatar

Purchased, Thank you ever so much!!!

AgushaYo's avatar
NikoruKurisu's avatar
Hi. I really want to buy these but I can't purchased it on Gumroad since it requires me to have a credit card now. Can you just give me send me an invoice? So I can pay directly from Paypal? Thanks
horse... cat... lizard...
mrrdwt's avatar
I'm wondering if it can be used for taking commissions like recolor others OC in? Or it's only allowed for adoptables?
CaraidArt's avatar
Sure you could use them for that!
kittycat5150's avatar
Are these lines transparent, sometimes zip files when unzipped don't exactly work
CaraidArt's avatar
Yep, they are transparent.
pewdiepie99's avatar
I bought the spikey dragon and noodle one
CaraidArt's avatar
Ahh sweet, thank you :D!
pewdiepie99's avatar
im only 250 points off ;-;
Darumemay's avatar
I want to so bad but then i wouldn't have any points left
Noxiboi's avatar
bought points just for these bases <3 much love
CaraidArt's avatar
Thanks so much!
ValeriaHarumi's avatar
Just wanted to let you know that I purchased the group linearts yesterday from your gumroad link <3 owo
CaraidArt's avatar
Ohh, thank you very much! :)
artfuldragon's avatar
Hello! I purchased these a whiiiiile ago under the username dragon-ascent; would it be possible for you to resend? I lost the files due to a computer failure. Thanks!
SiiroiToriorika's avatar
Oh my! amazing creatures! 
FinnTheEnforcer's avatar
May I pay via paypal?
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